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April 18, 2024

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LaReyna Tory

(BPRW) Pink Noire Beauty Supply & Cosmetics Celebrates Second Anniversary with Release of New Braid and Loc Gel

Memphis’ Only Black Female Owned Beauty Supply Continues to Grow

(Black PR Wire) Memphis, TN – Pink Noire Beauty Supply & Cosmetics, owned and led by Chasity Monroe, will proudly commemorate its second anniversary on Saturday April 20th with a daylong beauty celebration and the public release of its new braid and loc gel.

Pink Noire Beauty & Cosmetics heavily emphasizes a luxury beauty experience focused specifically on empowering Black Beauty. The brand is committed to providing a highly curated assortment of products and services tailored to meet the needs and desires of Black women, including offering a series of products designed by Chasity Monroe.

The latest addition to the suite of Pink Noire products is designed to provide innovative hold and control, helping braids and locs by reducing frizz, locking in moisture and creating a polished hair style without a white caste or residue. The release of this new product follows the success of the company’s number one seller, an edge control gel, and their other daily use hair care essentials.

“As we celebrate our second year in business, we wanted to recognize our growth with this product release but also by highlighting other entrepreneurs in the Black Beauty community here in Memphis.” stated Chasity Monroe. “Saturday will be a celebration of the diverse experience our customers and Black women have when seeking hair and beauty resources. I’ve pulled together a team of experts that will be sharing their advice and working directly with customers throughout the day”.

The event kicks off at noon with recognized makeup artist, Destiney Lawrence who will be conducting a make-up class and will be followed by conversations with Charlette Logan, owner of the W Salon at 1PM, Melanie Mull-Saulsberry founder of the Memphis Skin Academy at 2PM, Tamika Turner founder of the Institute of Beauty Natural Hair School at 3PM and Takeisha Berry-Brooks founder of a Natural ALair Beauty Lounge at 4PM. Guests will have the opportunity to interact with these special guests, enjoy live music, special product discounts and the opportunity to win a scholarship to the Institute of Beauty Natural Hair School.

Monroe believes strongly in advocating for opportunities for Black women to grow in the entrepreneurial space. Before embarking on her own journey, Monroe served as the Director of Development at a venture philanthropy organization focused on supporting employment social enterprises through investment, funding, and technical assistance. Earlier in her career, she honed her expertise in market research and consumer insights while working with Procter & Gamble, specifically on beauty brands like Clairol.

“If my story or the story of any of our guests at this celebration inspires just one new entrepreneurial eLort, we have won. The Black Beauty experience is as much about how you feel and look as it is about the potential for you to recognize your own desire to explore, invest and grow ideas that support Black business,” said Monroe. “I hope that next year when we are celebrating our third anniversary, that we will be able to highlight other new Black owned businesses and that collectively we can recognize the economic impact we have on Memphis and Shelby County.”

Earlier this year, Pink Noire received a $17,000 Inner-City Economic Development (ICED) Loan from the Economic Development Growth Engine of Memphis, to facilitate $25,000 worth of improvements at its store front. Funds from this award are dedicated to expanding salon space for both massage, makeup, and lash services.

Pink Noire Beauty Supply & Cosmetics is a leading beauty supply and cosmetics brand dedicated to redefining the standards of Black beauty and retail. Founded by Chasity Monroe, Pink Noire is committed to providing a highly curated assortment of brands, products, and services tailored to the needs of Black women. With a focus on exceptional customer service, product expertise, and an immersive shopping experience, Pink Noire Beauty Supply & Cosmetics is poised to become a trusted name in the beauty industry. To learn more visit www.pinknoire.com

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Dream Exchange Is Launching The First Black-Owned Stock Exchange – Grit Daily News

Dream Exchange is Launching the First Black-Owned Stock Exchange

Published on April 18, 2024

The finance industry, renowned for its intricate structures and high entry barriers (especially as it relates to the stock exchange), is on the cusp of a monumental shift this year. Diversity, a topic of intense discussion due to the underrepresentation of Black professionals at just 5.7% in this sector, is a clear reflection of the broader challenges that impede access and equity in financial services. In this context, a game-changing development is on the horizon: the inauguration of Dream Exchange, the first Black-owned stock exchange in the United States.

Dream Exchange is not just a new player in the market; it’s a beacon of inclusivity and economic empowerment. It’s here to disrupt the status quo and unlock fresh avenues for wealth creation in communities that have historically been marginalized.

At the helm of Dream Exchange is Joe Cecala, a seasoned player in the field. His impressive track record includes the development of one of the first computerized trading networks, a system that is now a cornerstone of global securities trading. However, Dream Exchange’s ambitions extend beyond mere diversity; it’s about bridging a significant gap in the financial market that has been widening since the 1990s.

You see, there’s been a real decline in smaller IPOs over the years, which hits minority-owned businesses especially hard. These businesses make up a tiny 0.2% of exchange-listed companies. That’s troubling because a whopping 92% of job growth within companies happens after they go public. Dream Exchange wants to fix this by creating an exchange that boosts liquidity and supports the growth of early-stage, high-potential companies.

What’s more, Dream Exchange is riding the wave of legislative support aimed at improving small business market access. The Main Street Growth Act, which has bipartisan backing, tackles several challenges in capital formation. Joe Cecala’s been right in the mix, helping shape this legislation and showing his knack for merging policy with practical financial solutions.

Before he dreamed up Dream Exchange, Cecala ran a law firm in Chicago that specialized in corporate finance, financial reporting, and investor due diligence. His skills made him a go-to resource for the Securities and Exchange Commission and a bunch of big-time policymakers.

As Dream Exchange gears up to open its doors, Cecala is all about sharing how this new platform was built to generate wealth for underserved communities. He’s out there talking about how Dream Exchange is set to transform the finance industry by making it more inclusive and equitable.

Dream Exchange isn’t just about creating another place to trade stocks. It’s about setting a precedent for how minority-owned businesses can gain better access to public equity markets. It’s a game-changer for diversity and for the dynamics of the American economy. By supporting high-potential companies early on, Dream Exchange could play a huge role in job creation and economic growth, particularly in sectors and communities that big banks and traditional institutions often ignore.

So, Dream Exchange isn’t merely opening new doors; it’s creating entire new gateways for growth, equity, and diversity in American finance. This isn’t just a small step—it’s a giant leap toward setting a new standard for inclusivity and empowerment in the financial sector.

Jordi Lippe-McGraw is a News Columnist at Grit Daily. A multi-faceted NYC-based journalist, her work on topics from travel to finance have been featured in the New York Times, WSJ Magazine, TODAY, Conde Nast Traveler, and she has appeared on TODAY and MSNBC for her expertise. Jordi has also traveled to more than 30 countries on all 7 continents and is a certified coach teaching people how to leave the 9-to-5 behind.

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Entrepreneur Launches First Black-Owned Voice Messaging App With Large Group Video Chat Ability

Meet Ernest Manning Jr., the creator of Yappin.Chat, the first ever Black-owned voice messaging app that features voice and large live user video chat capabilities, a feature that has become a staple for next-generation communication connections between family, friends, colleges, corporate America and so much more.

Ernest, who is also the creator of WeKinFolk, a Black-owned social media platform that combines the features of other popular platforms into one place, is now a respected visionary leader who is steering not one, but two social media platforms to remarkable success.

Ernest is now known in the industry as a social media mogul. Both of his platforms have experienced exponential growth, boasting thousands of active users worldwide and consistently introducing features that set new standards in the industry.

Yappin.Chat, known for its unique voice messaging mechanisms akin to text messages but with voice and large live user video chat capabilities has become a staple for next-generation communication connections between family, friends, colleges, corporate America and so much more. Meanwhile, WeKinFolk (similar to Facebook) has disrupted the market with its focus on black culture, privacy, data security, and an algorithm that prioritizes user experience above all.

Ernest’s journey in the digital realm is marked by a deep understanding of social media dynamics and a forward-thinking mindset. “Our mission was clear from the start,” he states. “To create spaces where users feel valued, engaged, and secure. The incredible growth of both platforms is a testament to our team’s hard work, innovation, and the vibrant communities that have embraced our vision.”

He comments, “The success of his ventures is not just in user numbers but also in the positive impact they have on the digital community. Both platforms have introduced initiatives aimed at promoting digital literacy, online safety, and support for mental health, reflecting Ernest’s commitment to responsible social media use.”

As Yappin.Chat and WeKinFolk continue to thrive, Ernest says that he is already looking to the future with plans to expand the platforms’ global reach and introduce new technologies that enhance user interaction and community building.

“This is just the beginning,” he says. “My team and I committed to pushing the boundaries of what social media can be, creating more inclusive, engaging, and meaningful online experiences for everyone.”

Learn more about Yappin.Chat at Yappin.Chat

(Both apps are available for download on Google Play Store and Apple IOS.)

For media inquiries, please contact ernest@yappin.chat or ernest@wekinfolk.com


Cincinnati Welcomes Its First Black-Owned Pharmacy In 17 Years

Altev Community Pharmacy is Cincinnati’s first Black-owned pharmacy to open its doors in 17 years. Founded by Dr. Emmanuel Ayanjoke, this pharmacy aims to provide essential healthcare services while fostering a sense of community and representation for people of color in the area.

“It’s all about our patients,” Ayanjoke told ABC9. “It’s all about our dedication to their care.”

Aside from providing easy access to medications to many residents, Altev Community Pharmacy also offers a discount program to make prescriptions and other items more affordable for customers.

Moreover, the fact that the pharmacy is Black-owned holds special significance for people of color in the area. Representation matters, and seeing a business owned by someone who understands their community can foster trust and comfort.

Ayanjoke’s journey to opening the pharmacy was supported by McKesson, a healthcare company. McKesson’s Project Oasis provided financial assistance to establish Altev Community Pharmacy, aiming to empower underprivileged communities by establishing self-sufficient pharmacies.

The grand opening of Altev Community Pharmacy was celebrated by various dignitaries, including Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Cincinnati City Council members Scotty Johnson and Seth Walsh, Congressman Greg Landsman, and Hamilton County Commission President Alicia Reece.

Learn more about them via its official website at AltevRX.com

Also, you can support the business by visiting its location at 3559 Reading Rd, Ste 104 Cincinnati, Ohio.


28 Black-Owned Beauty Brands That Make *the Best* Products

If you’re looking to support Black-owned businesses, or to discover the latest genius from Black beauty product creators, your options are juicy. Despite challenges, Black-owned beauty brands are thriving across the categories, with successes that are doing Madam CJ Walker proud. Did you know the first self-made female millionaire in the world was a Black woman? With a beauty brand no less. But despite early success as the OG beauty boss, it’s never been easy for Black-owned businesses, including in beauty.

A US report by McKinsey Institute noted that, Black cosmetic brands raise a median of $13 million in venture capital funding, substantially less than the $20 million that non-Black brands raise. Despite the median revenue of those Black brands being 89 times higher than what non-Black beauty brands return over the same period. Black beauty consumers and brands face deep challenges when it comes to equity, despite demand and success.

And from a simple consumer perspective, cosmetic companies are often extremely lacking in colour innovation, product offering, and even in efforts to cater to all. It’s not just about supporting Black businesses, it’s also about having customer needs met, and while there’s been a lot of improvement, still it often falls to Black brands to properly cater to Black consumers. But if that means more money going into Black businesses we’re all for it.

And turns out, the Black beauty brands that have broken through the barriers, are making some of the most exciting and cult products for everyone. So, we’ve rounded up our favourite Black-owned beauty brands that are delivering incredible products for the community and for all races. And we’re touching on the creative and entrepreneurial minds behind them.

Some of them you will have most definitely heard before (I mean, how could we not include Pat McGrath Labs and Fenty Beauty?) but others, like Uoma, Ruka and Liha Beauty may be new to you. Not to mention the likes of Briogeo and Bouclème who have gained a cult following online, thanks to their dedication to every curly haired girl out there.


Founded by a duo of British Africans, Ugo and Tendai, hair extension brand Ruka is made by Black women, for Black women, creating what’s been missing from the market by consulting… Black women. It’s no wonder the brand has bloody nailed it. Here’s to hitting an unserved spot in the market, and hitting it with relentless quality.

They started with true-to-life textured human hair extensions for kinky, coily, curly and wavy hair, and now offer bundles, wigs, ponies, braiding hair and more, in a range of natural textures, as well as pressed or relaxed afro textures, and adding synthetic to their bow along the way.

You can see my review of their curly clip-ins here.

Shop Ruka

Courtesy of Brand

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To Bridge Racial Wealth Gap Americans Willing To Pay More

Fund for Social Equity has tested a seal to identify businesses owned and operated by Blacks as a way to reduce the wealth disparity between Black and white Americans.

When asked about their purchase likelihood of a product or service at a premium price with an identifying seal:

· 47% of all Americans surveyed definitely or probably would buy, and that rises to 78% among Black Americans,

· Alienation (rejection of the concept) at 23% was low.

“We approach the racial wealth gap with a marketing-first mindset and our research finds that nearly half of all Americans definitely or probably – top two boxes – would purchase at a higher price products and services identified as Black-owned,” said Mark Koide, co-founder of the Fund for Social Equity (FSE) and a life-long marketeer. “This is a potential game-changer for any business that is Black-owned and seeks to differentiate itself.”

FSE is led by an inclusive Board of Advisors also available at , which is comprised largely of marketing and nonprofit leaders who are committed to ending the racial wealth gap.

“In addition to finding large and scalable subgroups within the national general population panel which supported the distinguishing seal with top two box scores of 47%, there were very few concept rejectors,” said April Jeffries, who led the FSE team at global researcher Ipsos and serves as its global president of ethnography and immersion. “The bottom two boxes account for less than 25%. The concept is much less polarizing than we initially expected.”

Arva R. Rice, CEO of the New York Urban League, added, “The New York Urban League commends the Fund for Social Equity on its commitment to decreasing the wealth gap between Black and other Americans.”

Mark Winston Griffith, an advisor to FSE who is an award-winning journalist, professor of Community Economic Development at Pratt Institute, and co-founder of several New York-based consumer cooperatives, said, “The FSE is sharing our research and is interested in collaborating with like-minded partners who believe the racial wealth gap can be addressed from a community-up perspective by driving more dollars to Black-owned businesses.

More than 15 business sectors were tested and everyday purchases in food and consumer products scored the highest in appeal across expenditure categories. Additional analysis provides detailed breakdowns by regions and demographics of the U.S.

By region, the West South Central, Middle Atlantic, South Atlantic, Pacific, and East North Central Census divisions demonstrated greatest appeal. And among demographics, Millennials, Blacks and Democrats demonstrated the strongest interest. To read and download the research summary, please visit: .

The label is envisioned for use in all industries – B2B and B2C. It will also be featured at retail and employer sites as a badge indicating fulfillment and ongoing verification of the stringent FSE standards, which as tested include: Black American ownership of more than 50% of the company, and operated with more than 25% in all management positions identifying as Black American.


SheaMoisture Launches 2024 Dream Fund Grant: Committing $50,000 To Black Female Entrepreneurs In Canada

News Home

Monday, April 15, 2024 10:00 AM | Newsfile via QuoteMedia

SheaMoisture Launches 2024 Dream Fund Grant: Committing $50,000 to Black Female Entrepreneurs in Canada

Entering its third year, the Dream Fund Grant is SheaMoisture’s flagship program dedicated to empowering Black Female Entrepreneurs in Canada through financial support and mentoring resources.

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – April 15, 2024) – This year, the Dream Fund Grant program remains dedicated to nurturing the flourishing potential of Black female-owned businesses across Canada, with the program launching on April 15, 2024. Since 2022, SheaMoisture has recognized and awarded 10 Black female entrepreneurs in Canada and their businesses within the beauty and wellbeing sectors with financial grants and educational resources to enhance their business acumen and growth potential.

Once again, SheaMoisture is committing a total of $50,000 with five (5) $10,000 cash grants awarded to five Black female entrepreneurs. In addition to the grants, recipients will gain access to personalized coaching, mentoring, and ongoing support for six months by reputable Canadian Black business professionals who are leaders in their industries.

SheaMoisture Canada’s Dream Fund 2024 Promotional Image

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

SheaMoisture’s purpose-driven model continues to fuel the investments made in the Black community, aimed at closing the racial wealth gap by helping Black businesses thrive. Beyond the financial grants provided through the Dream Fund, SheaMoisture consistently prioritizes small Black-owned businesses in Canada across all its marketing initiatives, events, and partnerships, ensuring that Canada’s Black business communities are centered and highlighted. In 2024, this support has extended to brand new programming with the launch of Shea & Champagne: A Networking series by SheaMoisture providing inspirational spaces of belonging for Canada’s Black female entrepreneurship community to network and learn from one another. February’s Shea & Champagne inaugural event held in Toronto brought together past Dream Fund winners (Shakera Martin of Carnival Spice, Anita Grant of Hello Hair, Kristina Knox of Arbre, Monique Pitt of Gyallivant) and other notable changemakers and entrepreneurs: Nicole Antoine, Adeela Carter, Shannae Ingleton, Andria Barrett, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, and Lily Yange.

Maureen Kitheka, Marketing Lead of SheaMoisture Canada, has been a pivotal force in scaling the brand’s impact to new heights and solidifying the support within Black entrepreneurship communities. Kitheka also underscores the significance of community initiatives for uplifting and empowering women in Black communities:

“It’s not every day that we see Black female entrepreneurs recognized for their contribution and dedication to enrich their families, neighborhoods, and communities. At SheaMoisture, our mandate is to serve the Black communities with nourishing, no-compromise products; we are very keen on investing in the richness of Black businesses and specifically creating access to new possibilities for Black female entrepreneurs as they scale their ventures. There’s so much to be done to ensure that they are empowered to keep thriving, and we are proud to be doing our part,” says Maureen Kitheka.

SheaMoisture continues its collaboration with the Diversity Agency for the third consecutive year. In 2024, the partnership aims to provide ongoing guidance and support to the winning Black female entrepreneurs and to further spotlight Black excellence for another year through offering ongoing business resources.

Andria Barrett, Founder of the Diversity Agency, remarks, “I am honoured and proud to be back working on the Dream Fund for another year. We know that most Black women self-fund their entrepreneurial endeavours. We receive applications from across the country, from women in a wide variety of industries. It is such a good feeling to know that we’re part of helping someone achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.”

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their applications by May 31st, 2024, comprising of both written and video components describing the unique aspects of their businesses and their capacity to foster growth within their community. The selection of winners will be conducted by a panel of Black business experts curated by The Diversity Agency, supplemented by a community voting process. SheaMoisture remains steadfast in its mission to inspire Black women worldwide to pursue their dreams through tangible, real-world initiatives.

For information on submitting applications, click here:



For media inquiries, please contact:

Rihana Mohamed, Associate Account Manager, LANGTON — rihana@langtonpr.com

Daniel Pillai, President/CEO, LANGTON — daniel@langtonpr.com

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/205389

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