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“Blapp” helps people find Black-owned businesses across the U.S.

“Blapp” helps people find Black-owned businesses across the U.S. 00:40

CHICAGO (CBS) — What if you could find a Black-owned business anywhere in the U.S., no matter the service, or the city?

There’s now an app for that. It’s called Blapp.

It helps you find Black-owned restaurants, clubs, boutiques, and more in any given neighborhood.

New York-based comedian Jon Laster told CBS 2’s Ryan Baker and Audrina Sinclair why he created the app.

“Everyone wants to help, but you got to help me help you make it easy,” Laster said. “A friend of mine Margot introduced me to someone else in Silicon Valley, a friend who was at Google, and said why don’t we try to do it a different way?” 

Laster said 60,000 businesses are on the app.


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