41 Black-Owned Luxury Brands That Will Elevate Your Wardrobe

Black History Month is an important time to learn about and reflect on the innovators who’ve changed our world in immeasurable new ways. But to us, the Black game changers working in the present are just as worthy of praise, admiration, and—in the case of the many excellent fashion and accessory designers in the industry—patronage.

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of some of the most inspiring Black tailors, cordwainers, jewelers, and other style professionals, which we’ve alphabetized below for your perusal and convenience. Their brilliantly constructed wares run the gamut from bespoke suits and Goodyear-welted shoes to vibrant, multicolored high jewelry and artful outerwear. In other words, you could assemble an entire wardrobe from this list, and be prepared for everything from boardroom battles to relaxing weekends. In other words, you could slip into a wearable piece of Black history every single day.


  • Demetrius Simms

    Demetrius Simms is a digital staff writer at Robb Report. After starting their career in PR, they transitioned to freelance writing in 2020. Their work has now appeared in lifestyle and culture…

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    Senior Editor

    Justin Fenner is Robb Report’s senior editor. He’s been covering style, grooming and watches for over a decade, traveling across the world to examine how these topics intersect with the broader…

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    Kareem Rashed is Robb Report’s style editor. Prior to joining the magazine, he worked for publications including Departures, Vogue, Elle and Interview, covering men’s and women’s fashion, jewelry…

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