45 “Shark Tank” Gifts To Buy Before They Go Flying Off The Shelves

My parents gave me a few pairs of their merino wool ankle socks or Christmas five years ago and they have been game changers for me in the winter especially. My toes get cold quickly, even through thick boots, and these help keep them warmer for longer! Plus they make wearing my favorite pairs of ankle boots much more comfortable than the thinner pairs of socks I used to own. They’re, like, fitted to your feet: there’s plenty of room in the toes (and no annoying seam there, either!), slightly tighter (almost compression-like) in the arches, and almost feel cushioned in the heel. 

Nearly five years later, they’re still in perfect shape — the cuff around the ankle doesn’t slip (or leave lasting marks from being too tight), and they fit like they did on day one. I know socks seem like a funny gift, but because they’re high quality and notably cozy, I’d say they’re the gift I appreciate the most out of everything I got that year! Oh, and for every pair you buy, the company donates a pair to one of their 2,5000+ giving partners in the US, so you’re doing good with your gift, too.

Shipping info: Free standard shipping (5–8 biz days) for orders over $50.  UPS Expedited (2–4 biz days) and UPS Overnight (next biz day after they ship) available.

Get the gift box of three pairs of women’s extra long-staple cotton ankle socks on Bombas for $50. (Many styles, colors, and multiple sizes available in mens, womens, kids, and babies; five different heights including no-show, ankle, quarter, calf, and knee-high/over-calf. They also offer lots of other easy gift sets.)

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