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Owners Briana Jones and Mike Toussaint work together to provide Black hairstyles and hair care for El Pasoans.

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Staff Reporter
February 1, 2023

Touch of Brii is a local Black-owned salon in the city of El Paso. The owners Briana Jones alongside Mike Toussaint collaborate to provide Black hairstyles and hair care to the El Paso community. Having officially opened April 1, 2022, in northeast El Paso, located at 4020 Monroe Ave., Jones runs one out of the two Black-owned and woman-owned salons in El Paso. Touch of Brii provides hair services that are not commonly offered in the El Paso region.  

Jones manages the salon while Toussaint runs things behind the scenes, managing paperwork and the overall business aspects of the salon. Jones was inspired to open her salon by her love of doing hair. As a teenager Jones always wanted to provide hair services to the community. Jones shares the feeling of wanting customers to feel confident after providing a hair service.  

 “I love to make people feel good on the outside because the first thing you look at in the morning is yourself,” Jones said. “If you feel good about how you look, you feel better internally.”  

At the moment, Touch of Brii provides only hair services, but is looking forward to providing nail and barber services in the coming future. With the limited number of businesses providing black hair services in El Paso, prices can be very high for customers. Jones wants to provide her work for lower prices so that people in the community can afford that hair care.  

“I see prices of hair services are skyrocketed, and I just want to provide affordable services to the people of our community,” Jones said. “Since we are a minority here, it’s extremely hard to find somebody to get our hair done that is not costing us hundreds and hundreds of dollars.”  

Jones creates a welcoming environment for her clients to feel safe and comfortable while getting their hair done. 

She wants to allow customers to feel like they are at home where they can feel good about their appearances through their hair.  

“I want them to feel confident in the way they look and the way that they are serviced.” Jones said. 

While Touch of Brii is on the finishing touches of remodeling, Jones hopes to provide charity work for the community.  

“I would like to go provide hair services to people that are staying long term in the hospital,” Jones said. “And do some charity for children in foster homes that may be in El Paso.”  

Jones stated that many of the clients do come in from Fort Bliss since the base is near the salon.  

As the new business continues to grow, Jones hopes to garner more attention from a bigger clientele toward the salon.  

Touch of Brii continues to service the minority here in El Paso through the salon and the hair services they provide. Jones’ success through the salon continues as she represents a Black woman-owned business while also being in the military. The salon has available bookings on and is on social media platforms via Instagram at @touchofbrillc and Facebook at Touch of Brii. 

Avery Escamilla-Wendell is the staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected]