Actors KJ Smith & Skyh Black Wed And Celebrated Black Love

KJ Smith and Skyh Black (Credit: Stanley Babb/Stanlo Photography)

“Sistas” actress KJ Smith has officially tied the knot with fellow actor and “Sista’s” co-star, Skyh Black! Congratulations are in order to this gorgeous couple who celebrated their love this week at the Malibu Dream Resort. Their epic nuptials have taken over social media, and with good reason.

These lovebirds met on set of “Sistas” in 2020, and the rest was history. After being engaged for two years, the couple wed recently, and we cannot get enough of it. They made distinct choices for the wedding ceremony, and it truly reflected the couple’s personality and authentic vibe.

KJ Smith-Black ,38, and Skyh Black,35, made it a point to plan every detail of their lavish wedding in the exact way that they wanted it. When asked about their wedding planning process, Skyh said, “We decided to take control of our wedding and do it our way because some of our team members didn’t understand our vision, and that’s disheartening. Our event designer, Erika Bradley of Lynette Allan Events, who is also my cousin, showed up for us in many ways when others did not, and we are eternally grateful. As a unit, we took control of our wedding, making it unforgettable and tailoring it to what KJ and I wanted.” Related Articles:
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Black continued to give an example of just how unique and unconventional their wedding ceremony was. He said, “We don’t like cake, but KJ loves pie, so we went with that. The reception (gala) was epic! D’USSE and St-Germain cocktails by Lady on the Rocks flowed all night, along with our new coffee brand, Signature Black x Russell’s Gourmet Coffee. We wanted to celebrate our union together in our way. I’m so excited about the outcome.” 

As for the theme of their wedding, the couple took their last name, Black, and completely leaned into that. First, all wedding guests were seen in all black attire. The couple also made the conscious choice to use an all-Black design & style team and support Black-owned businesses at their wedding.

KJ told us, “It was important for us to highlight Black businesses. In our wedding journey, we discovered that the wedding industry is largely non-minority. As a play on our last name, Black, we wanted to stay true to that and honor Black business by supporting Black event and floral designers, catering and beverage partners, bridal and fashion designers, and beauty and style teams.”

She went on to say, “All black everything was really important to us. When we were on the journey that was the main thing, we encountered people who didn’t understand us or the cultures and didn’t understand what we were trying to do, regarding Black excellence. Not only did they not understand us, but they discouraged us and didn’t advocate for us. This was when we decided to take back our wedding, our power and our culture, doing it our way. Pastor Aventer Gray, my close friend and fellow alum, graciously officiated us, my girls, Tiffany Ford-Rowland and Nicole Rae, held me down with beautiful makeup and hair. FAMU represented; my fellow Rattler DJ-R Tistic was the best MC/DJ we could have imagined, and he kept the house rocking all night, from start to finish.”

The couple is also known on social media to post their flyest looks together. The two connect on their fashion sense and their in sync wedding looks showed that more than ever. Skyh said, “KJ and I love fashion, and we were blessed to have an all-Black design and style team. We take pride in art, that is fashion, and we know that sometimes, in the fashion industry, Black designers aren’t always recognized but are incredible.” 

Credit: Stanley Babb/Stanlo Photography

When asked how their wedding day experience went the newly wedded bride said it felt “Magical; I feel like God touched the ceremony because it was a torrential downpour the day before. We’re in Los Angeles, and it rarely rains. It was an outdoor wedding and reception. We were trying to figure out how to mitigate the circumstances, so we checked the forecast, and it said it would be overcast. Still, we woke up to sunshine and perfect weather, and when the ceremony started, the wind blew incredibly. It felt dreamy, romantic and magical. God gave me my Beyoncé fan because my veil, designed by Alonuko, was pretty heavy, solid, and long. The fact that the wind was blowing perfectly made it even better. I felt like God said, I will bless this union with the perfect weather on your special day.” 

Skyh expressed his feelings of gratitude for the ceremony and said, “I loved the ceremony moments the most because it was about KJ and me. I thought it would be extremely emotional, but there were moments of levity, and because we love to have so much fun, there were moments of joking. KJ, and in KJ fashion, stopped the ceremony for “last looks” (makeup touches) because she was crying so much as she walked down the aisle. I walked down the aisle and hugged my in-laws and grandmother; the wedding felt like ours. I wouldn’t have had my ceremony any other way.”

One of the viral moments at the wedding happened when the couple started off the ceremony, both wearing all white and happily singing to the Jay-Z and Kanye song, “Lift Off.”  The two love music and it’s evident from the amount of singing and dancing videos that were circulating online. KJ said, “Our entrance song was Lift Off by Kayne West and Jay-Z feat. Beyonce’, and our arrival was so much fun! Skyh and I are always in sync and love to dance. We always catch each other’s groove, and our entrance was unrehearsed.”

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The acting duo was surrounded by about 150 loved one, and there were many stars in attendance. Their star-studded guest list included Tyler Perry, Eva Marcille, Loni Love, Devale & Khadeen Ellis, Black Love Founders Codie & Tommy Oliver, and more, including their “Sistas” co-stars.

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KJ and Skyh definitely match each other’s energy, and their grand wedding just shows how in sync these two are. Their ceremony was truly Black love personified and the joy just jumped off the screen. 

KJ & Skyh Black will be sharing their love and insights at Black Love’s 6th annual Black Love Summit in Atlanta. We can’t wait to see what they have to share about the road to marriage and leaning into love. 

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