Ashley Loveless Revolutionizes Dining With ChewTyme: Empowering Black-Owned Restaurants

Ashley Loveless, a seasoned finance professional, has embarked on a new venture with the creation of ChewTyme, an innovative app designed to spotlight Black-owned restaurants while providing financial empowerment tools to business owners.

Already in its beta phase in Houston and Atlanta, ChewTyme is set to expand its reach to five additional states come June. This move not only diversifies the food delivery app market but also opens up avenues for financial growth and stability for Black entrepreneurs.

From Finance to Tech: A Seamless Transition

With an 18-year tenure in the financial industry, Loveless’s foray into the tech world with ChewTyme is a testament to her adaptability and vision. The app serves dual purposes: it offers a platform similar to Doordash or Uber Eats exclusively for Black-owned restaurants, and it integrates financial tools through New Credit Inc. Business University.

Business and restaurant owners who join the app can access services to build business credit profiles, secure funding, and connect with potential lenders, addressing the critical challenge of capital access for many entrepreneurs.

Loveless’s motivation for creating ChewTyme stems from her extensive work with entrepreneurs across various industries, recognizing the hurdles they face in acquiring capital. By integrating financial solutions into the app, she aims to help businesses not only sustain but also expand, thereby elevating the Black-owned business community. The app’s unique proposition has set a new precedent in the tech and culinary worlds, highlighting the importance of innovation in addressing systemic challenges.

Empowering Aspiring Black Women Entrepreneurs

Loveless’s advice to aspiring Black women entrepreneurs emphasizes consistency, networking, and self-investment. Her journey from visualizing herself as a millionaire to actualizing it underscores the power of determination, research, and staying true to one’s vision.

As ChewTyme prepares for its multi-state launch, Loveless’s story serves as an inspiration, proving that with the right blend of innovation and perseverance, it is possible to create impactful change.

As ChewTyme gears up to make its mark in additional states, the implications of its success extend beyond the immediate beneficiaries. This pioneering initiative not only challenges the status quo of the food delivery service industry but also paves the way for a more inclusive and financially empowered future for Black entrepreneurs.

By intertwining gastronomy with financial literacy and access, Loveless’s ChewTyme app could very well be the catalyst for a new era of entrepreneurial success within underserved communities.

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