14-Year-Old Black Teen Creates Innovative Watch That Can Detect Signs Of A Stroke

Meet Naya Ellis, a 14-year-old African American girl from New Orleans who is the inventor of WingItt, an innovative wristwatch designed to detect early signs of a stroke. Inspired by her family’s health struggles, her invention has gained attention for its potential to save lives.

Naya, a 9th-grade student at John F. Kennedy High School in New Orleans, began her journey while enrolled in the STEM NOLA Fellows Program, which empowers young people to explore science, technology, engineering, and math. After spending about eight months there, she found her calling during one of her Saturday sessions. Thinking of her mother, who battled with breast cancer, and her grandmother, who suffered from strokes, Naya decided to create WingItt, a watch designed to spot early signs of strokes.

Using advanced technology, WingItt reads nerve impulses and heartbeats, providing an early warning system for strokes. Naya’s goal is to make it affordable for seniors who might not have access to expensive health monitors.

Naya’s hard work paid off when she was recognized as one of the top students in the National STEM Challenge. Now, she’s gearing up to showcase her creation in Washington, DC.

As Naya starts high school, she’s not just dreaming of making more inventions; She’s also aiming to excel in softball and pursue her dream of becoming an obstetrician-gynecologist, showing other kids in her community what’s possible with STEM education.

For more details about Naya, her invention, and/or the STEM NOLA program, visit STEMNOLA.com

Also, be sure to follow the program on Instagram @STEMNOLA


Founder Of Leading Black-Owned Construction Firm Honored With Prestigious Award

Rodney Greenup, the Founder and President of Greenup Industries, a leading Black-owned provider of industrial construction and maintenance services, is celebrating that his firm has been honored with the prestigious Gold Safety Award by Highwire, which is presented to companies registering a safety score of 85-95% in the Safety Assessment Program.

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Greenup Industries has proven its commitment to safety and its efforts to maintain a safe work environment for its employees, contractors, and customers. The company has implemented rigorous safety protocols and training programs to ensure compliance with industry safety standards, and regulations.

In addition to its focus on safety, Greenup Industries has also leveraged the power of Highwire to mitigate contractor risk, streamline operations, and improve project outcomes. Highwire’s innovative technology platform has enabled the company to manage its contractor risk more effectively, reduce costs, and improve overall project per projects.

Rodney comments, “As a trusted solutions provider, our company has also been the recipient of other awards including the Gold Medal Award presented by Shell/Norco, the Contractor Safety Award, presented by CAST, Supplier of the presented by Tier III, Emerging Growth Company Award, presented by ACG and many more.”

Greenup Industries provides a full range of onboarding solutions, maintenance and design services, and specialty construction services to our diverse set of clients. They offer effective onboarding, reduced costs, accountability, and consistent vetting of vendors. The company has clocked over 500,000 safe work man-hours.

To learn more about the benefits of working with Greenup Industries, call (225) 283-4843 or visit their official website at GreenupInd.com

For press inquiries, contact 504-598-3677 or info@greenupind.com


Couple’s Black-Owned Pancake And Syrup Products Now Being Sold In Costco And Walmart

Meet Marquita and Deven Carter, the African American couple behind Blanket Pancakes & Syrup. Their pancake and syrup products, born from a quest for healthier breakfast options, have landed on the shelves of major retailers like Costco and Walmart. Starting from humble beginnings, they are now hitting $1 million in sales in less than 5 years.

Marquita and Deven, based in North Carolina, aimed big from the start. Even with just the two of them, they structured their business like a big enterprise. Marquita, the CEO, and Deven, the COO, poured their hearts into every aspect, from marketing to operations.

“When we started the company, we saw bigger and we treated it as such,” Marquita told the US Chamber.

“If you see yourself as just a mom-and-pop operation, you’re going to limit yourself,” Deven added.

The idea for Blanket sparked during Marquita’s high-risk pregnancy when she sought natural ingredients for her favorite breakfast. They crafted homemade recipes, free from artificial additives like high fructose corn syrup, which they initially shared with family and friends.

They eventually started selling in local farmers’ markets and expanded to offering homemade pancake mixes and syrups. The business name, Blanket, conveys warmth, coziness, and security — qualities they want customers to feel when enjoying their products.

Their journey gained momentum when word of mouth led to local stores, and TV exposure, and grew into regional chains and retail giants like Walmart, Costco, and more. Despite challenges in securing credit, they persevered, tapping into personal savings to fulfill orders.

Now, with over $1 million in sales, they’re eyeing broader horizons. Seeking investors via platforms like StartEngine, they aim to scale production, expand marketing efforts, and meet the growing demand.

Along their entrepreneurial journey, they have learned important lessons such as setting ground rules as a married business couple, asking for help, and prioritizing the right partnerships. The Carters believe in doing the right thing and focusing on their vision, confident that Blanket Pancakes & Syrup will become a household name.

“There is no reason why Blanket Pancakes & Syrup will not be a household name just as big as any other brand out there,” Deven said.

Learn more about the brand via its official website BlanketPS.com

Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram @BlanketPancakes


Couple Opens Milwaukee’s Newest Full-Service Black-Owned Grocery Store

Maurice “Moe” Wince and his wife, Yashica Spears, have made history by opening Milwaukee’s newest Black-owned grocery store, Sherman Park Grocery Store. Since it was launched a year ago, it has quickly become a go-to spot for the neighborhood, addressing the lack of healthy food options.

Maurice, a lifelong resident of the city, recognized a need for better food access when he noticed people relying on nearby gas stations for snacks like chips and Twinkies. Inspired to change the narrative, he and community members initiated conversations following the 2016 civil unrest in the neighborhood.

“I’ve lived my whole life in this city. Now we have a unique opportunity to change the narrative of the environment here by providing food access and education,” he told Milwaukee NNS.

In July 2022, their ideas became a reality with the opening of Sherman Park Grocery Store through the efforts of Wince, Embassy Center MKE, and other community leaders. It stands as one of Milwaukee’s few full-service African-American-owned grocery stores.

With eight employees and partnerships with organizations like Employ Milwaukee, the store aims to address not only food access but also employment opportunities in the community. Wince’s familiarity with food access issues in the city, gained through organizations like Feeding America, led to the creation of the store.

Sherman Park Grocery Store welcomed nearly 4,000 neighbors in its first 30 days, addressing the food desert challenge prevalent in Milwaukee’s Northwest Side. Despite initial success, challenges persist, especially with decreasing FoodShare programs post-pandemic.

“The food assistance programs are shrinking, but the need hasn’t gone anywhere,” Maurice said.

To continue addressing food access needs, Sherman Park Grocery Store operates Feed My Sheep Global Services, a nonprofit providing assistance through gift card purchases for essential groceries.

Both Maurice and Yashica say they are committed to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in the community, collaborating with UpStart Kitchen, a culinary incubator next door. It serves as a launchpad for culinary artists, whose goods are sold at the grocery store.

Learn more about the store via its official website ShermanParkGrocery.com

Be sure to follow them on Instagram @ShermanParkGrocery

Also, you can support the business by visiting its location at 4315 West Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216.


Jamaican Nanny Creates Million Dollar Maternal And Community Health Empire

Rosalee Henry, the Founder and CEO of Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta LLC, a leading provider of newborn and postpartum care along with community health support, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the 2024 Business Achievement Award for Excellence in Black Entrepreneurship. This esteemed accolade, presented at the TSP Game Plan event, recognizes the company’s exceptional growth and its significant contribution as a Black-owned business in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Rosalee is a Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Educator and her company, Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta, has evolved from a one-woman operation into a global powerhouse, with a team of nearly 500 professionals. The company’s expansion into home care and medical staffing solutions has further solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry.

“We are immensely grateful for this recognition, which reflects the dedication of our team and the trust placed in us by every family we’ve served,” said Rosalee. “It affirms our commitment to not just business excellence but to making a meaningful difference in the communities we touch.”

The award ceremony highlighted the company’s innovative care protocols and its resilience in overcoming industry challenges, particularly in expanding access to quality postpartum support in underserved areas. One family’s testimonial encapsulates the impact of Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta: “The care and expertise they provided were invaluable during such a vulnerable time. Rosalee and her team truly go above and beyond.”

Under Rosalee’s leadership, the company has expanded its services to include home care and medical staffing solutions, serving Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, and Private Residences with a skilled cadre of RNs, LPNs, and CNAs.

Business training available:

Rosalee is now consulting with Doulas and members of the birthing community on how to increase their impact and their income while serving their communities on a higher level. Those who are ready to elevate your business can schedule a consultation now.

Learn more at MothersHelpingHandsAtlanta.com

For press inquiries or media interviews, contact 678-898-4005 or babycare@mothershelpinghandsatlanta.com


34-Year-Old Financial Advisor Launches Free Masterclass, Aims To Help One Million Black Families Break The Chains Of Poverty

Tremaine Wills, an award-winning financial advisor and the founder of Mind Over Money, a Black-owned visionary financial advisory firm is rewriting financial narratives for families nationwide. She has launched a free live masterclass called “Multiple Streams of Income Done the Right Way” where she is teaching how to turn W2 income into passive income.

Tremaine has garnered recognition as an Excellence Awardee by Investment News, named a Top 100 Financial Advisor by Investopedia in both 2022 and 2023, and has shared insights on platforms such as Black Enterprise and the WSJ: Your Money Briefing podcast. With a mission to help one million families become millionaires, Mind Over Money is a beacon of hope and financial empowerment.

At the core of Mind Over Money’s innovative financial strategies lies Tremaine’s deeply held philosophy, a blend of personal experience and the timeless wisdom found in biblical teachings. This guiding principle from Zechariah 4:10, “Do not despise humble beginnings,” serves as a constant reminder of the value of laying a strong foundation for financial growth. Her journey, marked by the practical application of these principles, underscores the belief that true wealth is built brick by brick, starting with the smallest of assets.

Her programs are built around the idea of giving money a purpose. They’re designed to help people from all different backgrounds figure out their own paths to making their money do more. Tremaine’s advice starts with appreciating the small beginnings, encouraging people to look ahead and plan for a future where financial success is a real thing, not just a dream. It’s all about making smart moves with money, dreaming big, and seeing how all those smart choices add up over time.

For those who are ready to transform their financial destinies and break the chains of poverty, Mind Over Money extends an invitation to begin with a free 14-day trial in the Breakthrough Financial Coaching and Accountability Program. For a more advanced strategy, consider a free discovery call. Learn how Tremaine and her team can help.


Meet The Black Entrepreneur Transforming Customer Service With Flexible Work Solutions

David C. Williams, an award-winning inventor, tech entrepreneur, and author celebrated for his innovations and leadership in technology, has launched FlexAgent, an innovative Black-owned customer service solution, designed to redefine the way customer care is delivered. This ground-breaking platform connects independent agents to top US brands, allowing them to handle customer service calls from the comfort of their homes and on their own schedules.

FlexAgent is not just a job; it’s a movement towards creating more fulfilling and empowered work experiences. Agents are matched with leading US brands, trained to provide exceptional customer service, and given the tools to start earning flexibly. FlexAgent is here to show the world what happens when technology meets humanity – a seamless blend of support and heartfelt care that results in unmatched service quality.

Being a FlexAgent means being in control. Agents from anywhere in the U.S. can join the platform. After a simple background check, training begins at a pace that suits you – some agents begin earning in as little as one week.

FlexAgent is more than just a gig – it’s a platform that empowers individuals to create their own success stories. As independent contractors, Flex Agents enjoy the freedom to dictate their own hours, enabling them to work as much or as little as they desire. FlexAgent is committed to empowering people and fostering inclusive economic growth. The platform is designed to:

• Enhance Job Access: By offering remote and flexible work options, FlexAgent is expanding job opportunities, particularly for marginalized groups.

• Offer Cost Savings: The remote nature of the work significantly cuts down commuting expenses, helping agents save money.

• Improve Work-Life Balance: FlexAgent promotes a healthy balance between professional obligations and personal life.

• Wage Equalization: By mitigating geographical wage gaps, FlexAgent allows individuals to earn higher wages irrespective of their living area.

• Empower Marginalized Groups: The platform offers more inclusive employment options, challenging systemic inequalities and encouraging economic empowerment.

“As we launch FlexAgent, we’re not just introducing a new way to work; we’re driving tremendous savings, higher levels of security, and an experience that benefits all. Our mission is to drive exponential savings, empowered individuals, and exceptional customer experiences. FlexAgent is where technology, humanity, and innovation converge creating a recipe for mastering the Art of the Possible,” says David.

FlexAgent is not just transforming customer service; it’s shaping the future of work. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to become the global leader in customer care.

About the Founder
With humble roots in Dallas, Texas, David C. Williams’ journey from a challenging upbringing to a tech luminary is chronicled in his best-selling book Business Model. His accolades include the 2023 D CEO Corporate Innovator, multiple Stevie Awards, and the 2021 Legacy Award at the Black Engineer of the Year STEM Conference.

For more information about becoming a FlexAgent, please visit the official website at FlexAgent.com

For press inquiries, please contact Creative Voices PR at 917-328-6509 or madelinef@creativevoicespr.com


Free Incubator Program To Teach Black-Owned Businesses How To Grow In The Tourism Industry

Black Wall Street AVL, an Asheville, North Carolina-based non-profit that empowers Black entrepreneurs with scalability, expansion, and growth programs, has proudly introduced the launch of its Inaugural National Virtual Incubator, adding to its educational lineup in anticipation of the Fourth Annual Grind-Fest. This virtual program webinar series will be hosted on March 6th and 13th. The ninety-minute sessions are designed to empower Black-owned businesses by equipping them with crucial tools, language, and resources to access opportunities within the tourism industry.

“We have enrolled more than 141 businesses, generated over $3 million in total revenue, and created 22 jobs. Black Wall Street has actively tapped into the $3 billion tourism economy by preparing BIPOC entrepreneurs for engagement,” says J Hackett, Founder of Black Wall Street AVL.

Black Wall Street AVL National Virtual Incubator will offer participants entry-level assistance in accessing local tourism funding, locating decision-makers to access tourism dollars, and how they can be a part of Asheville, North Carolina’s biggest revenue-generating festival, the Grind-Fest, happening in May. Notably, Grind-Fest is renowned for celebrating black business and entrepreneurship. In addition, the incubator offers monthly meetings for members to learn and grow collaboratively and quarterly virtual sessions, expanding its national reach to support black-owned businesses in tourism education.

“By empowering entrepreneurs, we are using our local programming, by leveraging the E13 data tool and employing our dynamic logic model, we have cultivated resilient leaders who seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and create impactful ventures,” says Aisha Adams, Co-developer & Director of Black Wall Street AVL’s G.A.T.E. Program.

Nestled under the umbrella of Black Wall Street AVL, the Grindfest is a free, three-day event that celebrates the success of Black entrepreneurs + business owners in Asheville. Commencing May 24-26, attendees will enjoy music and live performances from national recording artists and entertainment such as games, food, local vendors + learning, employment, and partnership opportunities with the organization’s Duke Energy & Buncombe County.

Black Wall Street AVL partners include Explore Asheville, Mountain Bizworks, and Thrive Asheville plays a pivotal role in developing, contributing, and connecting participants with learning resources. In addition, this year’s program is funded by the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, Asheville Merchants Fund, Buncombe County, Community Foundation of W.N.C., Duke Energy, Mountain Bizworks, and Thrive Asheville.

To learn more about Black Wall Street AVL’s impact in shaping the future of BIPOC entrepreneurship in Asheville, visit the website at BlackWallStreetAVL.com.

To sign up for the Black Wall Street AVL Incubator Program, visit the registration link.

About the Founder
J Hackett, founder and board chair of Black Wall Street AVL, has over 20 years of community and economic development experience. He is an expert in social enterprise with work featured in NAADAC’s scholarly journal and the NC Bar Journal.

He is also the owner of GRIND, Asheville’s first Black-owned coffee shop, and has been recognized as the #1 fastest-growing startup in Asheville, the #1 minority-owned business in WNC, and the #3 best coffee shop in the state of North Carolina.

About Black Wall Street AVL
Black Wall Street (BWS) AVL is a Black business incubator with a mission to help people start, grow, and scale to turn their ideas into reality and build a supportive community for local Black entrepreneurs. This program is designed to scale their business to revitalize Black Wall Street.

For press inquiries, contact sarah@bthebuzzagency.com/ press@bthebuzzagency.com or 470-650-0571.


Black Family’s Premium BBQ Sauce Debuts In Ace Hardware Stores Across 5 States, Now In 100+ Retail Locations

Meet Andre, Mona, and AJ Cooper, the father, mother, and son who are the owners of Legacy Gold BBQ, a Black-owned brand that is now a household name in Northeast Florida and beyond. Their products, which are formulated based on unique Southern recipes and are available in four variations, are now available in Ace Hardware stores across five states – Florida, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Their sauce is free of MSG, free of high fructose corn syrup, and made with gluten-free ingredients.

The Cooper family decided to create the brand because they wanted to fulfill the dream and honor the legacy of Andre’s father, Bob, who was a renowned BBQ Pitmaster. Since their launch in mid-2022, their sales have exploded across the Southeast Region of the United States and beyond.

Bob and Liz Cooper were the proprietors of several BBQ restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida beginning in 1965. Their quality smoked meats and signature sauce soon became the focal point of family, community, social, and church gatherings across the city. While serving as a baker on commercial oil tankers, Bob developed the tasty southern recipe, and after retiring as a merchant marine he parlayed his culinary skills into a string of family-owned businesses serving the finest of BBQ fare. “My father was acclaimed for his friendly and engaging personality and his skills serving open-pit, hickory wood-fired BBQ, slathered with this sweet, tangy, and smoky sauce,” states Andre.

As his businesses thrived, he was approached with a proposal to offer his premium line of sauces in retail stores, but as a busy entrepreneur and patriarch of a large family – he passed on the offer. Later, upon reconsideration of such a great opportunity – the offer to do so was no longer available.

He continues, “Because of this closed door, I was armed with an insatiable desire to help extend my dad’s legacy of offering exceptional customer service and premium BBQ products to the public, so the most natural means of accomplishing this was to share his unique recipes with the world. Our retail partnerships with Ace Hardware stores in Florida, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, have been the fulfillment of a dream come true and we believe it rightly honors my dad’s legacy.”

Bob passed away in 2007, but in January 2023, the first batches of Legacy Gold BBQ sauce were bottled and now many retail partnerships are forming to offer this treasured recipe to the masses just as he had always dreamed!

Currently, the products are available online at LegacyGoldBBQ.com and in more than 100 retail locations across the U.S.

Follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.


HBCU Grad Turned Global Marketing Executive Receives Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Tangela Parker, an award-winning African American global marketing executive, joined an elite group of female C-Suite leaders when President Joe Biden awarded her the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. The annual awards honor a select few who “exhibit outstanding character, work ethic, and dedication to their communities.”

Recipients of the award must have completed a minimum of 4,000 hours of volunteer service. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor in the President’s Volunteer Service Award program.

Parker was honored with the award based on her 24-year marketing and public affairs career at leading Fortune 500 companies, where she has supported underserved communities and developed programming to improve their quality of life.

“I am passionate about investing in underserved communities and equipping others to rise above poverty,” added Parker, recognized as one of the nation’s top marketing experts and motivational speakers. “I am also incredibly fortunate to love my work and the communities we serve.”

Tangela Parker is a native of Brandon, Mississippi, and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science/pre-law from Alcorn State University and also graduated from the Executive Leadership program at Harvard Business School.

For press inquiries, contact 678-653-4536 or info@tangelaparker.com