Black Entrepreneur Launches, A Platform That Exposes Dishonest Customers

Meet Tamera Preacher, the founder and CEO of, a website she envisioned after having three consecutive bad experiences with difficult customers. On one occasion, her general contracting company, one of very few owned by a Black woman, had been falsely reported to the BBB, and this motivated her to create a platform that would expose dishonest and Karen-like customers. Ultimately, it would be a website that would allow business owners and entrepreneurs to report problematic customers and share their experiences.

It wasn’t easy, however, for Tamera to create the platform. She does not have a technical background, she is a military veteran, and she earned her master’s degree in Human Resources – all factors that have nothing to do with website development. But she was determined to get it done regardless.

She sought out an attorney to learn the laws about recording and displaying customers’ information. Then she began the process of finding the right website developer but initially, no one seemed to have the same passion and standards to develop the perfect website. It needed to be user-friendly, have a social media platform adjoining, and most importantly, be accessible to busy people really easily. Most individuals who work for themselves don’t have a lot of time to write about or even research a customer’s information.

Eventually, though, she found the right developer, and the site was officially launched shortly after. Now in year two, she has grown a substantial social media following and gained attention from several business owners active in their careers. Her website has even now ranked #1 on as the best platform to report “Karen” customers.

Here are some of the website’s features:

Real-time Scam Alerts: Stay informed and avoid falling victim to scams by accessing real-time alerts about fraudulent customer activities.

Directory of Terrible Customer Experiences: Make informed decisions with a comprehensive directory of negative customer experiences.

Advertising for Your Business: Showcase your services to a targeted audience of like-minded professionals on the platform.

Legal Aid Page: Provide legal resources for starting a business, maintaining a business, and legally securing your business.

Tips against Hackers: Safeguard your data and online presence with best practices.

Tips for Cybersecurity: Enhance your cybersecurity knowledge to protect sensitive information effectively.

Like most things, when it gains notoriety not everyone will understand the purpose. Recently she was racially attacked and cyberbullied for her firm stance on exposing Karen customers. The platform’s significance has been acknowledged by its ranking as #1 on Reddit for its innovative approach to addressing the issue of “Karen” customers—individuals displaying unreasonable demands. After much litigation though, the website is still here and ready to provide services to the general public.

For more details and/or to sign up for membership, visit

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The BOSS Network And Sage Announce The Winners Of Its 2nd Annual “Invest In Progress” Grant Program

25 Black women entrepreneurs from across the U.S. awarded $10K in funding and yearlong mentorship

The BOSS Network, an online community of professional and entrepreneurial women who support each other through digital content, programs, and event-based networking, and Sage (FTSE: SGE), the leader in accounting, financial, HR, and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses, have announced the 25 awardees of the 2023 Sage Invest in Progress grant to support Black women entrepreneurs in their first five years of business.

The BOSS Network and Sage “Invest in Progress” grant is a three-year, commitment by Sage (via the Sage Foundation) to support the BOSS Impact Fund, which is focused on raising investment funding for 500+ black women-led businesses and preparing entrepreneurs to build scalable, growth aggressive companies.

In January 2023, participants were invited to apply for the “Invest in Progress” grant–which would give 25 Black women entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive a capital investment of $10,000 toward successfully starting and growing their business, in addition to an entrepreneurial 12-month mentor program in support of Black women-owned small businesses. The grant application process was powered by Hello Alice, a grant funding platform designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Last year, the inaugural launch garnered an overwhelming response of more than 12,500 applicants nationwide. This year, the program exceeded its goal with over 18,000 applicants. The final 25 awardees represent entrepreneurs nationwide and in various industries, including beauty, entertainment, education, food, healthcare, meal prep services, naturopathy, law, and more.

“Invest in Progress” Grant Awardees:

See below for a listing of this year’s twenty-five “Invest in Progress” grant awardees, including their business website:

1. Jordan Madison, Therapy is My J.A.M.
2. Kendra Payne, The Herbal Scoop LLC
3. Isaro Carter, The Carter Firm LLC
4. Kimberly Jones, Speak Black Health
5. Tirzah Love, Soul Box By Chef Tirzah Love
6. Jade Parker, ROJOrganics
7. Stephanie Lane, Pure Ingredients Farm, LLC
8. Kaylenne Brown, Plant-Based Eatz LLC
9. Christina Cockrell, Persist Education Services LLC
10. Lura Ball, Lura’s Kitchen, Inc.
11. Kyndra Kennedy, Kyna Media Films, LLC
12. Shekira Farrell, Jai At Play
13. Jasmine Weiss, iDream Enterprise, LLC
14. Nathalie Mondesir, Ideal Mind & Body
15. Cassandra Hill, Holistic Living Consulting LLC
16. Cesley Fullilove, Fullilove Pregnancy Center
17. Karima Wilson, Forged Ed LLC
18. Briana Nurse, EH Exchange
19. Alicia Bowens, Diamond Luxury Investments LLC
20. Chevarrie Butler, Cortney Blooms LLC
21. Dianne Austin, Coils to Locs
22. Tavia Green, Climax Hair Care
23. CherRaye Glenn-Flowers, Brownce
24. Brianna Hairlson, Bri’s Dance Place
25. Jon’ll Boyd, Boyd Cru Wines

“The BOSS Network is extremely thrilled to partner with Sage once again for the second year of its ‘Invest in Progress’ grant,” said Dr. Cameka Smith, Founder and CEO of The BOSS Network. “This year, 25 Black women entrepreneurs will once again receive the benefit of not only $10,000 towards their business but also premier coaching and mentoring services that will put them on the road to achieving the success they desire. As the BOSS Network approaches its 15th anniversary next year—as well as the third year of this grant program—we look forward to making even more inroads to benefit this robust community.”

For more information on the BOSS Network and Sage “Invest in Progress” grant and the BOSS Impact Fund, visit

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The BOSS Network was named a Forbes Top 10 Career and Entrepreneurial website for Women. More than 200,000 active women members throughout the United States are engaged through our social and digital programming.

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Young Black Entrepreneur, 12-Year-Old Boy, Juggling School And Owning A Food Truck Business

Meet Mario Mack, a 12-year-old African-American boy from Fairfield, Alabama, who is the young entrepreneur behind J’s Pop-Up Shaved Ice. Starting when he was just 10 years old, he embarked on a journey to bring his business vision to life, all while keeping up with his studies.

From its start, Mario was driven to succeed like his mom, who inspired his independent spirit and paved the way for him.

“She really liked to work for herself, and I saw that, like, early on when she started and I thought it was really cool,” Mario told CBS42. “So, I wanted to do my own thing and start a food truck.”

Fast forward two years, and he bought his first trailer. Now, he’s on a mission to expand and level up his business by investing in a larger one. This ambitious young entrepreneur is saving up for that big step.

Urban Impact Birmingham, an organization helping new business minds like Mario’s, plays a role in his journey. Its program manager Courtney Craig said they are passionate about providing opportunities to all entrepreneurs. From programs to capital access, they’re dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in the community, especially young entrepreneurs which has been increasing lately.

“It’s necessary. We need to have a wraparound approach in our community when we’re serving entrepreneurs and we need our kids to have something productive,” Courtney said.

For Mario, his business isn’t just a side hustle — it’s his passion. Despite his tender age, he’s living out his entrepreneurial dreams. And he already has his future plans set out, saying, “I want to own my own restaurant and I want to be able to cook.”

But Mario’s dreams aren’t just his own; he wants to inspire fellow young minds. He firmly believes that with determination, anything’s possible. He’s an example of turning passion into reality.

Moreover, balancing school during the week and running his business on weekends, Mario makes the most of his time. He’s also a kind-hearted soul, often setting up shop at local parks in Birmingham. There, he treats the homeless to free shaved ice at least once a month.

Be sure to follow J’s Pop-Up Shaved Ice on its official Facebook page.


Black Woman From DC Makes History, Opens First And Only Soul Food Restaurant In Mexico

Tiara Darnell, an African American female entrepreneur from Washington, DC, has brought a taste of home to Mexico City with the opening of Blaxicocina, the first and only successful soul food restaurant in the country’s capital city of more than 16 million residents. With a culinary journey that spans cultures and generations, Tiara’s flavorful creations are finding a warm embrace among both Black Americans and curious locals.

When Tiara first arrived in Mexico City in 2021, she says that she quickly realized that her beloved Old Bay seasoning wasn’t as common in the area as it was in her hometown in Maryland. She said it sparked the idea of opening Blaxicocina using recipes handed down by generations, according to DCist.

To bring the flavors of home to Blaxicocina, she relied on a surprising source: her mother. She brought her bulk-sized containers from Restaurant Depot, meeting her need for Old Bay seasoned fries, among others. What’s more, the restaurant also offers other dishes that embody the heart of soul food like fried chicken, cornbread, carrot cake, and sweet tea.

However, crafting authentic soul food in Mexico posed unique challenges. Ingredients crucial for traditional recipes were hard to find. The cornmeal for her cornbread and the coating for fried green tomatoes had to be painstakingly crafted from scratch, the Mexican way. Collaborating with local farmers, she even sparked the growth of collard greens, a soul food staple not commonly found in Mexico.

Blaxicocina transcends its role as a restaurant; it’s a hub for a growing community of Black Americans who’ve chosen Mexico City as their new home. The restaurant even has ties to a “Blaxit” movement — a departure from the U.S. in search of a better life abroad. For Tiara, the decision was driven by a desire for a higher quality of life and escape from systemic racism.

Tiara’s inclusive approach extends beyond her menu. She’s striving to integrate with the local community, working with Mexican vendors, staff, and contractors. Her aim is to enrich the community rather than exploit it, fostering cultural exchange and mutual respect.

“Mexico City definitely feels like home. I have a really great community around me. I have friends that are family at this point, and I just feel really connected here, culturally, socially, in a way that I just didn’t in the U.S,” she said.

Be sure to follow Tiara and her restaurant on Instagram @Blaxicocina

Also, you can support the business by going to its location at Caleta 554, Narvarte Poniente, Benito Juárez, 03023 Ciudad de México, CDMX.