Entrepreneur Makes History, Opens Houston’s First Black-Owned Boutique Hotel

Deidre Mathis is once again making history in Houston, Texas as the owner of Wanderstay Boutique Hotel, the city’s first adults-only themed hotel. It is another remarkable achievement for Mathis, who also made history in 2018 when she launched the first Black-owned hostel in the United States.

Wanderstay Boutique Hotel has 10 unique rooms, all designed for adults. The guests can choose from different themes such as the Black and White Art Museum, Safari Escape, Desert Vibes, and Houston Sports Teams. Those seeking more adventure can also leave the room choice to the staff for a delightful surprise.

“You can literally stay with us ten different times and have ten different experiences,” Mathis told Travel Noire.

The hotel, located in Houston’s Midtown area, is a 7,000-square-foot property developed from a 30-year-old air condition warehouse. Mathis decided to build the new boutique hotel after the success of the hostel she opened in 2018 which has welcomed over 15,000 guests from 30 different countries.

Drawing from her travels to 46 countries across all 7 continents, she knows the importance of having a fun, safe, and unique place to stay while traveling. That’s why she wanted to offer visitors and staycation seekers a one-of-a-kind experience. Besides the exciting themes, each room comes with comfy robes, slippers, and a towel warmer for that extra touch of luxury.

Moreover, Mathis, at just 36 years old, is breaking barriers in the hotel industry, where there’s a severe lack of representation for people of color. A report by Hotel Management shows that less than 2% of U.S. hotel owners are Black, and the numbers are even lower for Black women, at less than 1%.

Mathis is determined to change this by offering courses to teach others how to open their own hotels, using the knowledge she’s gained over her seven-year journey. She has also received support from none other than Houston’s own superstar, Beyonce, through her BeyGood Foundation, which granted Mathis’s company a small business grant.

Learn more about Wanderstay Boutique Hotel via its official website at WanderstayBoutiqueHotel.com


HBCU Grad Turned Entrepreneur Make History, Invents First-Ever Brand Of Pantiless Liners

Tara Harris, an HBCU graduate of Morris Brown College, is now the founder and CEO of Femeflex, the world’s first brand of pantiless liners that is already transforming the feminine hygiene landscape. A groundbreaking innovation, this revolutionary solution redefines comfort and confidence for women. Designed to liberate and empower, Femeflex heralds a new era of feminine care.

Tara comments, “This journey did not come without great sacrifice and determination to pursue such an unheard-of idea and take it all the way to the launch of the world’s first pantiless liner nearly 4 years in the making.”

She says that Femeflex has emerged as a champion of women’s liberation. Women can now finally bid farewell to discomfort and embrace the joy of going panty-free, all while feeling secure and refreshed. This pioneering product elevates the intimate experience, offering a liberating alternative to conventional liners.

The brand has already made it all the way to Hollywood as it is set to be featured in an upcoming collaboration with Hollywood Swag Bag for the Emmy Award Show 2023. A star-studded partnership will bring the pantiless liners to the esteemed Emmy nominees and VIPs, transforming the red-carpet experience. Hollywood’s leading ladies will confidently dazzle the red carpet, free from worries about panty lines.

“Femeflex stems from a vision to empower women with unparalleled freedom and assurance. This groundbreaking pantiless liner shatters the confines of traditional feminine care, embracing a future marked by unprecedented comfort. Embrace the evolution of feminine hygiene with Femeflex and embrace a new standard of empowerment,” she adds.

For more information, visit the brand’s official website at Femeflex.com

For press inquiries, contact (800) 836-1513 or info@femeflex.com


From 25 Years In Prison To Owning His Own Box Truck Delivery Company

Ed Hennings, an African American man from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who spent 20 years in prison, is now an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses including a trucking company called Go Time Trucking. Through his business, he does not only deliver goods but inspiration too.

In 1996, Hennings was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being convicted of first-degree reckless homicide. When he got out in 2016, he immediately turned his life around. He has since launched 3 businesses — his own barbershop, apparel line, and box truck fleet company, according to his interview on Fox Soul.

Go Time Trucking is aligned with Hennings’ goal to help those who are struggling in life to get back on their feet. He employs those who have the same background as him and inspires them by leading by example.

“Whether it be in prison or out here in the free world, there’s a lot of brokenness, so people need some inspiration and to know they can do it,” said Hennings, who is also a motivational speaker and author.

Learn more about Ed Hennings via his official website at EdHennings.com

Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram @EdHennings.CEO


This Black Entrepreneur Hit $1M In T-Shirt Sales While Working A Full-Time Job

Meet Ari Simpson, the founder of a statement t-shirt brand called Tees of Life who was able to generate a million dollars in revenue within just three years while she was also juggling motherhood and a full-time job.

In 2020, Simpson and her husband founded Tees of Life to quench her creative thirst to say what she wanted to say. Since she has always loved statement t-shirts, she thought of creating a t-shirt brand that features sassy messages of self-love and confidence directed mostly to women.

Simpson said she and her husband were clueless when they started the business, but they were passionate about what they were doing. Simpson, who was then working a 9-5 job, used all her free time from work to grow the business. She even sacrificed her lunch breaks, PTOs, weekends, and special events with family and friends, she told Black Enterprise.

Within just 3 years, everything she did has been worth it. The brand got an overwhelming response initially from their local community until they reached more people on social media and sold more than 50,000 statement t-shirts. As Tees of Life hit the million-dollar mark, Simpson left her job to focus more on the business.

Learn more about the brand via its official website at TeesofLife.com

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @TeesOfLife_Official