Black Excellence: Investing In Black-Owned Start-Ups Is Investing In The Future

The Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) (, taking place this November in Dubai, will spotlight the pivotal role venture capital plays in shaping the landscape of Black innovation and entrepreneurship globally. Venture capital, the driving force behind the growth of countless start-ups, ignites the transformative journey from ground-breaking concepts to revolutionary products and services. In recent years, the spotlight has increasingly turned towards Black-owned start-ups and their remarkable contributions to the business world.

Black-Owned Start-Ups: Sparking an Innovation Revolution

Black entrepreneurs are catalysts for innovation, challenging norms and injecting fresh perspectives into diverse industries. Take Andela, cofounded by Nigerian entrepreneur Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, as an example. The organization identifies and nurtures software developers across Africa, drawing investments from industry giants like the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Google Ventures, all in a bid to bridge the global tech talent gap. Equally electrifying is PiggyVest, crafted by the dynamic trio of Odunayo Eweniyi, Somto Ifezue and Joshua Chibueze, which is making waves in Nigeria’s fintech realm. This ground-breaking start-up ignites individuals to seize control of their financial destinies with innovative financial solutions. The company’s unique approach has captivated venture capital investors, recognizing the potential to fuel financial inclusion and economic growth.

Access to Venture Capital: Scaling the Summit

While these tales of triumph inspire, they also highlight the unique challenges and opportunities awaiting Black entrepreneurs regarding their venture capital quest. Studies echo the promise of augmented funding in this sphere, fueled by a growing commitment to diversity within the venture capital community and the broadening of access to networks. Pioneers like Black Operator Ventures, emerging in 2021, are shattering barriers as an all-Black founder-led venture capital fund. In Africa, Rising Tide Africa, an angel network, champions women entrepreneurs, channeling investments into women-led ventures. This holistic support, complete with mentorship and guidance, empowers women to surmount hurdles and foster economic growth and innovation across the continent.

Investor Perspectives: Charting the Course Ahead

Investors and venture capitalists hold the reins in championing #BlackExcellence in Black-owned start-ups, providing a more inclusive and innovative entrepreneurial frontier. Robert F. Smith, CEO of Vista Equity Partners, is an avid advocate for diversity and inclusion in business. He notes “I started Vista because I knew no private equity firm would hire me. I saw what they were looking for… So, I created my own firm.”

Meanwhile, Qiana Patterson, a venture capitalist, made a remarkable transition from teaching to the world of entrepreneurship. She highlights the resilience of Black women entrepreneurs, stating, “We’re less than 1%, but we’re the most innovative and starting more businesses. It’s difficult because of the numbers, but it’s exciting because we forge ahead regardless; we’ve no limit.”

A Brighter Tomorrow through Investment

Investing in Black-owned start-ups extends beyond social justice: it’s a strategic move towards fostering a more vibrant and innovative global economy. Examples of success include ventures like Flutterwave, a Nigerian fintech company that secured significant investments, and Sendy, a Kenyan delivery service platform that gained traction with venture capital backing. Initiatives and organizations dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship, such as Rising Tide Africa, are paving the way for a more equitable future on a global scale. By channeling investments into Black-owned start-ups worldwide, we not only drive economic growth and innovation but also contribute to the development of a more inclusive global business community, solidifying a legacy of positive change and progress.

The upcoming GBIS – which is organized by Energy Capital & Power – will highlight how venture capitalists and investors play a pivotal role in championing #BlackExcellence in Black-owned start-ups, providing vital funding, and promoting diversity to uplift underrepresented founders and drive economic growth. The summit connects capital to individuals and businesses, enabling ideas to translate into tangible projects, businesses and opportunities.

Don’t miss your chance to join the global movement championing #BlackExcellence at GBIS 2023, slated for November 30 to December 1, 2023, in Dubai. Secure your participation today at to be part of this transformative event.

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