Black Owned Business Highlight: Ashland Dance Works

ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland Dance Works has been serving the Rogue Valley for about 13 years.

The studio offers dance classes for all ages such as children, teens, and adults.

Aisha Wand, Owner, and Director of the studio said she has been teaching for about 20 years.

“I started off teaching mostly children,” says Wand. “But, then I realized it was time to open my own business. And it just started growing and growing.”

Ashland Wand is one of the few Black-Owned businesses in the Rogue Valley. Wand said having these businesses is a step toward a more unified community.”

“Just like any city,” says Wand. “As we’re growing I think the more community we build, the more people will come to that community and get involved and be a part of it. Definitely, for Black people, I think it has its challenges because we’re pretty isolated and it’s a small percentage.”

The dance studio offers Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, and what the organization calls ‘Barre.’ It is a ballet-based fitness class.

“Just be able to let go of some of the outside hardships that are going on in the outside world today,” says Wand. Just having body awareness and having the ability to move your body is so important.”

Wand believes the more unified the community is, the more unified it will be.

“The more businesses that open up here, the more I feel people of color will come to this area,” says Wand. “And see it as more of a diverse unified place. The more we are a community and build community, the tighter we’ll be.”

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