Black-Owned Custom Jewelry Brand Owner Dubbed The

The founder of a Black-owned custom jewelry brand is getting wide praise for her bold vision.

Dubbed the Engagement Ring Queen, Jasmine Carter launched Balacía six years ago with the goal of making it simpler for customers to find the jewelry they’re looking for.

The Dallas-based company is now getting rave reviews as it continues to offer custom engagement rings, sentimental necklaces and various types of statement pieces.

“Engagement ring shopping is so overwhelming for most people,” Carter said in a statement to Black Business. “A lot of people go store-to-store trying to find a ring, or spend months researching diamonds to try to choose a good one. I try to take away all of the stress and keep the fun in the ring shopping process!”

She continued, “I’m the jewelry expert so my clients don’t have to be. I offer a jewelry concierge experience so everyone gets my undivided attention to bring their visions to life.”

Though Carter says “most jewelers are men,” she designs “engagement rings as a woman with women in mind,” ensuring that every customer’s “diamonds are colorless and flawless.”

Carter’s team includes her husband, Devon, who serves as Balacía’s vice president. According to the team’s mission statement, the couple chooses the diamonds featured in the pieces, ensuring that customers get the best quality possible.

Each unique creation also tells a story: “The custom element just adds to the story of her ring. When you place an order with Balacía, we make it to order so your ring is literally made for you and we put love into every piece we create,” Carter said.

In a statement on the company’s site, the 29-year-old jeweler said she has been a designer her entire life. As a child, Carter’s “favorite games were anything that allowed me to design my own clothing, home, or business.” Naturally, when she tied the knot in 2016, Carter became obsessed with rings, which led her to start her own bridal jewelry line.

“Balacía was born out of a love for sparkles, elegance, love, and a passion for providing top quality jewelry to fit a wide variety of budgets,” she wrote. “We at Balacía believe that everyone deserves to have the custom jewelry of their dreams.”

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