Black-Owned Home Health Care Business Breaks Barriers In Lycoming County

WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local Black-owned home health care business is the first of its kind in Lycoming County, and for the owners, the business is a family affair, providing quality in-home care to adults.

Serving her community is something that Teresa Tyler-Frierson has been doing for many years, but recently she thought it was time to do even more.

“The business started over a year and a half ago, we are working on our two years. It was something that I guess was placed in my heart. I’ve always been a caregiver as per my mom. Used to tell me to stop bringing people home to take care of, because I used to. I’ve been in the field for quite some time, as well so I figured well I can do this. I stepped out in faith,” said Teresa Tyler-Frierson, owner of 4 Ds Home Care.

Tyler-Frierson started her own business thanks to her experience in the field, not even realizing the ceiling she was breaking.

“It was brought to my attention, you know you’re the first African American woman to do something like this. So I’m like ‘Oh, okay,’ so that’s when I was like ‘Alright, we really need to step our game up and help our community the best that we can,’” recalled Tyler-Frierson.

Their services vary from client to client, depending on what that individual needs.

“We assist them with their daily needs if they need breakfast cooked, hygiene grooming everything. We are not medical, so we don’t do medical. But anything that a client needs done we pretty much assist them the best we can,” described Tyler-Frierson.

This business has turned into a family affair with her daughter Tai and brother Samuel getting involved.

“So it’s all hands on deck. When I need to be in Lewisburg, I’m in Lewisburg. When I need to be in Williamsport, I’m in Williamsport. So whatever I’m needed for I do. I assist my sister. I back her up. The things she cant get to, I get to,” explained Samuel Schell, Program director at 4 Ds Home Care.

The business’ unique name was created by her granddaughter.

“Names I had thought about were already taken. So she said well why don’t you just do 4 Ds, so 4 Ds actually stands for my grandchildren. Which is Dejah, DJ, Dakota, and Devai,” stated Tyler-Frierson.

The family takes pride on setting an example for the community, employing staff from various backgrounds, including second chance employees.

“We’re fighting more battles than just a home care agency. Cause we’re also transitioning people of our kind to the corporate world. Some people have never had to report to a job, answer a phone have telephone etiquette. Or be forced to be respectful to elders or other companies, and we push that,” said Tai Greene, director of 4 Ds Home Care.

While still a young company, they have exciting plans for the future that they hope to implement as soon as they can.

“We do intend to expand to other states as well. Offer more services once we get to that next level. We’re working on our Medicare licensing as well. That’s another giant,” said Tyler-Frierson.

“We are hiring. If you go to college, give us a call. If you want to go to college, give us a call. If you didn’t finish college give us a call. If you can walk, talk, and lift things give us a call. We are hiring,” encouraged Schell.

Tyler-Frierson says the community support has been overwhelming, and they’re happy to continue to serve the Lycoming County area.

As Schell stated, they are hiring. For more information, visit their website, or call 570-651-3632.

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