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Many travelers find themselves seeking out the local fare when looking for food in a new destination. Taiwan is no exception. Known for its vibrant, street food culture, the Asian country has a lot to offer traveling foodies. However, some travelers also seek out Black-owned restaurants when visiting new places for a taste of soul food through a new cultural lens.

Taiwan doesn’t have many Black-owned restaurants. However, there are a handful worth checking out if you ever find yourself wandering through the streets of the East Asian country. 

Pitstop Shisha Bar

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For incredible food, cocktails, and hookah, travelers should look no further than Pitstop Shisha Bar. Located in Tainan City, the lounge was opened by Jermai Toussaint and a business partner after he moved from Saint Lucia. Pitstop has an array of decorative cocktails and aromatic shisha flavors. When your stomach starts rumbling, the lounge also has a colorful menu with a variety of appetizer-style offerings including nuggets, onion rings, chicken, and fries. 

Dirk’s Jamaican BBQ

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Dirk’s Jamaican BBQ is a real treat in Taiwan. There aren’t many places in the country to get authentic Caribbean cuisine and people travel from all around to get a taste. Believe it or not, Dirk’s is a pop-up-style restaurant. You never know where they might be but the best way to find them is to stay tuned to their Instagram account. The restaurant can be seen at festivals, food truck parking lots and events throughout the year. Dirk’s is probably the only spot in Taiwan to get authentic jerk oxtails, chicken, and a hefty dose of rice and peas served up just the way you like it. 

Exotica Caribbean Kitchen

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For an infusion of Creole and Caribbean flavors, there’s no better place to go in Taiwan than Exotica. This African-owned restaurant encourages new friendships and connections accompanied by some of everyone’s favorite Caribbean dishes. They have a bit of everything from fried plantains and delicious chicken wings to tacos and special holiday meals inspired by Caribbean culture.

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