Black US Woman Sent Home For ‘unnatural’ Hair Colour By ‘Black-Owned Company’

Jan 26, 2024 06:31 PM IST

Black woman sent home from Black-owned company for having blonde hair sparks discussion on workplace discrimination.

In the wild world of work rules, you’d expect professionalism to be about skills and attitude, right? Well, not according to a viral TikTok video by user Rosey (@mielturner), who claims they were sent home from work because of their blonde hair.

Black woman sent home from Black-owned company for having blonde hair sparks discussion on workplace discrimination.

Rosey spills the tea in the video, saying, “They told me that blonde hair is not a natural hair colour, and it goes against their grooming policy.” The twist? The workplace is a Black-owned-and-operated company.

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Discrimination dilemma

Despite the workplace being Black-owned, Rosey questions the decision, wondering, “I feel like this goes against some kind of rights. Something!” Viewers in the comments agree, suggesting Rosey pursue legal action for what seems like discrimination.

Legal loopholes: The CROWN Act

The comments section is buzzing with advice, with many mentioning the CROWN Act, designed to protect against race-based hair discrimination. However, there’s a catch – the act doesn’t explicitly cover hair colour. Some experts even suggest that policing hair colour might be legal in most cases.

Rosey’s case gets even trickier because, despite blonde not being their natural hair colour, it’s still a naturally occurring one. In a separate video, Rosey reveals that despite a chat with the CFO, who okayed the slightly darker blonde, HR insisted on black or brown dye.

In the latest update, Rosey drops the bombshell – they’ve lawyered up. Pursuing legal matters, Rosey takes a stand against what they believe is an unjust workplace hair policy.

The TikTok video has ignited a firestorm with over 390,000 views and 7,000 comments. Viewers rally behind Rosey, urging them to fight for their rights and even suggesting a legal bag is in order.

This hair-colour saga teaches us that workplace rules can sometimes take unexpected turns, and even at a Black-owned company, biases may still surface. It’s a reminder to stay informed about our rights and seek justice when needed. As Rosey takes on this challenging situation, the online community eagerly awaits the outcome.

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