Chicago’s Newest Black Woman-Owned Real Estate Firm Launches With Historic Event

True Investor, a trailblazing organization committed to empowering women in real estate, is elated to share the success of its groundbreaking event co-hosted with The Closing Firm. The event took place recently at the iconic Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, in the Presidential Suite, the very room where President Barack Obama received the call that marked a historic moment in American history, according to hotel staff, during Black History Month.

True Investor’s celebration unfolded as an inspirational evening where women investors from diverse backgrounds gathered to network, share insights, and empower each other. The event honored the achievements of women in real estate and offered resources to empower female investors in advancing their journey and constructing a lasting legacy.

Attendees of the event had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an atmosphere rich with historical significance while engaging in networking, peer discussions, and interactive sessions to help create their annual investment plan. These activities were carefully curated to foster connections, provide valuable insights, and inspire women to thrive in the world of investing.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of our launch event in a venue that holds immense historical weight,” remarked Shymane Robinson, Founder of True Investor. “By convening on this day, we celebrated the accomplishments of women investors and strengthened our commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and empowerment in the real estate industry.”

The event showcased the dedication of True Investor to advancing the visibility and influence of women in real estate. As the world acknowledges the crucial role diversity plays in all sectors, True Investor remains steadfast in championing the contributions of women to the global economy and their potential to drive positive change.

True Investor extends its gratitude to the women investors of all levels who participated in this historic celebration of empowerment, solidarity, and progress. The event underscored the significance of honoring the past, embracing the present, and shaping the future of real estate together.

Shymane comments, “A special thank you to our sponsors: Guaranteed Rate Affinity, True Lawyer, The Closing Firm LLC, FMS Investor Financing, First American Title.”

True Investor is a Black-owned pioneering organization dedicated to empowering women in real estate investment. Through education, networking, and mentorship initiatives, True Investor strives to amplify the voices of women investors, promote diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry, and inspire the next generation of female leaders. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter at

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