Chile, They Said Dana Chanel Was Out Here Robbing People Blind — And Then She Got Sued

Chile, They Said Dana Chanel Was out Here Robbing People Blind — and Then She Got Sued

Christian influencer Dana Chanel is at the center of a scandal after she was sued. She has to pay $84,000 in restitution for scamming customers!

The gist:

  • Dana Chanel is a Christian influencer who was accused of scamming her customers out of millions.
  • Others — including Dana’s sister, Cassandra, and her husband, Prince Donnell were in on it, too.
  • The State of Pennslyvania filed a lawsuit against Dana and she was ordered to pay restitution.

As you scroll your timeline on your preferred social media app, keep in mind that not everything you see on the internet is as it seems.

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Accused scammer and self-proclaimed millionaire mentor Ashley Grayson was one of them.

Before she was hit with RICO charges, Ashley offered online courses and mentoring. She had social media in a chokehold up until customers came forward with complaints. And she isn’t the only social media star who has been accused of scamming customers. Case in point: Dana Chanel.

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Alleged scammer Dana Chanel’s legal scandal explained.

Best known for her Sprinkle of Jesus app, Christian influencer Dana Chanel (born Casey Olivera) rose to fame by preaching the gospel to the God-fearing girlies on social media. And she made a lot of money doing it.

Along with a credit repair business, Defendant Credit Exterminators, Inc., Dana also had a mobile app-building business called Alakazam. Customers complained that they had paid an upfront fee — not to mention were making monthly payments — to Dana despite being ghosted by the business owner.

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Prince Donnell, Dana’s husband, has also been accused of scamming customers with his tax business.

This is where Dana Chanel’s husband, Prince Donnell comes in. He and his mom started a credit repair business — Jumping Jack Taxes. But customers said that they never got what they paid for.

People were skeptical of Dana long before now and a lawsuit brought by the Pennslyvania Attorney General proved their suspicions to be true. In fact, it’s been proven that sis was out here robbing people blind for years.

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Rumor has it — Cassandra April Olivera, Dana Chanel’s sister, was in on the whole thing, too.

Apparently, Dana’s scheme was a family affair because her dad, Nakia Rattray, and her sister, Cassaundra April Olivera — both of whom own stake in her businesses — were also named in the suit. You see, Dana and her fam didn’t go for the small con. Nope! They were in the big leagues — that was until 2021 when they got sued by the State.

In September of 2023, their victims finally got justice as Dana was forced to settle.

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Dana Chanel settled her case and has to pay $87,000 in restitution.

A press release from the Pennslyvania Attorney General’s office reports that the influencer will have to pay more than $87,000 in damages to her victims and another $50,000 if she comes up with the money late.

“Advertising in today’s world has changed, and people trust personalities they follow online to promote desirable goods,” Attorney General Michelle Henry said in a statement.

“In these cases, consumers were misled by the influencer and businesses that did not deliver on purchases,” she added. “My office has taken a hard stance against potential harm inflicted on Pennsylvanians online.”

As of this writing, Dana has yet to comment on the controversy, but social media has a whole lot to say about it … In hindsight, she got off really easy.

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