Entrepreneur Launches First Black-Owned Voice Messaging App With Large Group Video Chat Ability

Meet Ernest Manning Jr., the creator of Yappin.Chat, the first ever Black-owned voice messaging app that features voice and large live user video chat capabilities, a feature that has become a staple for next-generation communication connections between family, friends, colleges, corporate America and so much more.

Ernest, who is also the creator of WeKinFolk, a Black-owned social media platform that combines the features of other popular platforms into one place, is now a respected visionary leader who is steering not one, but two social media platforms to remarkable success.

Ernest is now known in the industry as a social media mogul. Both of his platforms have experienced exponential growth, boasting thousands of active users worldwide and consistently introducing features that set new standards in the industry.

Yappin.Chat, known for its unique voice messaging mechanisms akin to text messages but with voice and large live user video chat capabilities has become a staple for next-generation communication connections between family, friends, colleges, corporate America and so much more. Meanwhile, WeKinFolk (similar to Facebook) has disrupted the market with its focus on black culture, privacy, data security, and an algorithm that prioritizes user experience above all.

Ernest’s journey in the digital realm is marked by a deep understanding of social media dynamics and a forward-thinking mindset. “Our mission was clear from the start,” he states. “To create spaces where users feel valued, engaged, and secure. The incredible growth of both platforms is a testament to our team’s hard work, innovation, and the vibrant communities that have embraced our vision.”

He comments, “The success of his ventures is not just in user numbers but also in the positive impact they have on the digital community. Both platforms have introduced initiatives aimed at promoting digital literacy, online safety, and support for mental health, reflecting Ernest’s commitment to responsible social media use.”

As Yappin.Chat and WeKinFolk continue to thrive, Ernest says that he is already looking to the future with plans to expand the platforms’ global reach and introduce new technologies that enhance user interaction and community building.

“This is just the beginning,” he says. “My team and I committed to pushing the boundaries of what social media can be, creating more inclusive, engaging, and meaningful online experiences for everyone.”

Learn more about Yappin.Chat at Yappin.Chat

(Both apps are available for download on Google Play Store and Apple IOS.)

For media inquiries, please contact ernest@yappin.chat or ernest@wekinfolk.com

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