‘I Refuse To Be Driven Out’: Wife Of D’Vonne Pickett Says Postman Will Stay Open

SEATTLE — The widowed owner of Seattle’s Postman store, KeAnna Rose Pickett, says that the business will now stay open.

Her decision was announced in an open letter that was published by Converge on Thursday.

“Over the past few days, I have had the opportunity to connect with many individuals, including D’Vonne’s mother. One thing that has become abundantly clear is that nobody wants The Postman to close its doors,” said KeAnna.

This announcement comes after the store was set to close down following the murder of the owner, and the subsequent vandalism days later.

The Postman is a shipping and mailing service that has been in Seattle for years.

KeAnna says that she believes her shop was targeted by the vandalism because it is a black-owned business.

“I cannot explain the fear and confusion surrounding the recent act of vandalism against my store after a beautiful peaceful candlelight vigil,” she wrote. “It seems to be a scare tactic employed by someone who benefits from the closure of my ‘Black-owned business.’”

“No other establishment was targeted, and I refuse to be driven out by gentrification,” she continued. “It simply isn’t fair, and being scared for my life means being scared for all lives.”

D’Vonne Pickett was killed on Oct. 22 and KeAnna took over ownership of the Postman after his death.

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