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By Nahlah Abdur-Rahman

Kin Seltzer Inc., the first Black-owned business of its kind in Kansas City, is getting a hefty boost from retired Chiefs linebacker Dezman Moses who has invested $3 million into the growing venture.

The company’s founder, Joshua Lewis, confirmed the news of Moses’ induction into the company’s board. Moses will also also receive equity in the company as well, as reported by Startland News.

“Dezman and I met over a decade ago and became friends,” Lewis said. “As his entrepreneurial grind increased, it just made sense for us to finally connect and see what we could get done business-wise. The timing was right, the branding is right, and what we’re building is right. It’s something that he’s super-interested in.

“For him, it was about helping Black-owned brands to be more visible and make more money in these spaces,” Lewis added. “He feels like there was a gap just like I did, the gap that needs to be covered in the party nightlife drink beverage space.”.


In his post-NFL career, Moses has pursued industries outside of football, such as real estate and podcasting. He also stays connected to his former career as a sports analyst for news station KCTV5. Moses retired in 2016 after four seasons in the NFL, three of which were spent in Kansas Cit.

With Moses’ financial contribution to Kin Seltzer, the company can now expand distribution and operations to widen its audience in the hopes of boosting sales.

Kin Seltzer considers itself “for the folks” as it is brewed with natural ingredients, such as the fruit that makes up its flavors. Currently, it can be found across Kansas City, including bars, restaurants, clubs,and retail stores.

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