KC Black Owned Bringing Black Business Summit To KC Convention Center

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and forget to step back and reflect when building a business, said Chelsey M., announcing a fall summit meant to help minority entrepreneurs strategically gain insights, network, and plan for growth and success.

The Infinity & Beyond Black Business Summit — set for Oct. 7 at the Kansas City Convention Center — is an outgrowth of Chelsey’s KC Black Owned, a platform she founded to showcase and connect Black and Brown business owners with each other — and customers.

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Tons of takeaways await attendees, Chelsey said, noting she’s especially passionate about the networking opportunities and the wealth of knowledge available. 

“Our speakers have a lot to share, and there are no barriers,” she said.“This isn’t a conference where you pay a hefty fee to join an exclusive group. This is a conference where you can find what you need.”

Participants can look forward to a day filled with empowerment, networking, and chances to win prizes that can help support their businesses, said Chelsey, who does not publicly identify her full name because of the sensitive nature of her work on social media, as well as for online privacy and security reasons.

“Kansas City is a place full of opportunities, and we’re bringing it all together in one room for Black and Brown entrepreneurs to access,” she said.

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Vision behind the summit

It’s important to pause long enough to celebrate and look for areas of improvement, said Chelsey.

“This summit is designed to show that progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with the direction that you’re going to take your business,” she explained.

Chelsey started KC Black Owned in 2020 as a directory for Black-owned businesses.

“I was looking for Black-owned businesses to support, but I couldn’t find any,” she recalled. “So, I decided to create a page for this purpose.”

But Chelsey soon realized there was a bigger issue at hand. When she looked into data on business success rates, she found that African American and Hispanic businesses often struggle, mainly because solo entrepreneurs carry a heavy burden. 

“We’re doing everything on our own, and that can lead to burnout,” she said. 

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A day of support, connection

Chelsey organized the Infinity & Beyond Black Business Summit as an extension of KC Black Owned’s mission. The event’s featured speaker, Mandy Bowman, is CEO of the Official Black Wall Street.

“Mandy and I connected because she wants to expand her app in the Midwest,” Chelsey said. “So, when we talked about it, I mentioned the summit. As a featured speaker, she can discuss national trends in business and how we can stay up to date.”

Panel conversations at the summit are expected to cover various aspects of entrepreneurship, including retail, finance, marketing, and business support, with topics like “Are You Retail Ready?” and “Money Makes the World Go Round.”

Vendors positioned throughout the convention space reflect KC Black Owned and the events’ sponsors’ passion for empowering minority entrepreneurs, Chelsey said.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite and include an array of perks: reserved round table seating, lunch with snacks, an exclusive swag bag, promotional deals from sponsors, and the highlight, a generous gift card from Spectrum Reach to empower businesses in crafting their unique commercials.

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