Little Rock Pizza Company Now A Brick And Mortar

Certified Pies is the city’s first Black owned pizza company. The business started in 2020 and now they officially have a brick and mortar restaurant.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Certified Pies is Little Rock’s first and only Black-owned pizza company and now they have opened their own restaurant.

“I’m not a professional chef this is just a dream for me. I just like making pizza and look at what it turned into,” said Harlem Wilson, co-owner of Certified Pies.

Certified Pies started taking orders for their famous pizza and wings during the pandemic. 

“The goal was to do a meal prep company, but when I tasted this pizza I knew instantly I had to make a change,” said co-owner Kreg Stewart. 

When the business started, they relied a lot on social media. 

“We started off in an apartment selling pizzas whoever wants to come by and get them,” said Wilson.

Stewart said there was “no seating, no dining” and “it was really more of a hustle for us to get our name out there.”

The food quickly became popular and about three years later the business is now officially a brick and mortar in a shopping center on 9807 W Markham Street. 

“We’ve been waiting, everybody else has been waiting, and just the anticipation has built up,” said co-owner Samantha Stewart. 

Co-owners Samantha, Kreg, and Harlem say they’re excited to now have a space where people can come in and sit down.

“Everything we’ve been wanting to share with people we get to let them have full force you know,” said Wilson.

The trio said they’re thankful to be able to provide a space like this in their home town and hope to build a legacy. 

“We do want this to be a lasting space, where we can say that we’re, you know, the family-owned pizza company 50 years down the road,” said Samantha Stewart. 

They also hope to inspire the next generations when they walk through the doors.

“Representation matters,” said Samantha. “Young business owners, you know, that have these ideas and look what we’ve done in a few short years, imagine what your brain can take you in your business can go if you really just stay focused on it.” 

More than anything they hope that everyone feels like family by the time they walk out.

“Because that’s where we provide good food, great vibes and we want you to feel like you’re at home when you come and certified pies,” said Stewart.

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