Published October 6, 2023

With a speedy sales track record, the 90’s & 2000’s Hip Hop/R&B Edition is flying off Target shelves.

As music aficionados celebrate a half century of hip hop, a new card game hits the rewind button on nostalgic chart-topping hits. Lyrically Correct tests old-school hip hop and R&B knowledge—and it might bring out an opponent’s inner karaoke singer next game night.

Available in over 1,600 Target stores nationwide, the 90’s & 2000’s Hip Hop/R&B Edition head-to-head team game is becoming a Black-owned business success. Lyrically Correct started with a modest $2,000 investment at the outset of the pandemic and achieved over $1 million in sales by the end of 2021.

“The moment we found out that we were going to be in Target stores, all I could think of was a line from one of my favorite Biggie Smalls songs when he says, ‘You never thought that hip hop would take it this far,’” CEO of Lyrically Correct Donte Jones said. “We are so excited that our small contribution to hip hop led to an amazing partnership with Target.”

A partnership with the retail giant during the musical milestone is only the beginning. Lyrically Correct looks forward to future ventures with Target next February for Black History Month.

In addition to rapid business growth, the company sets itself apart from others in the novelty space with its unwavering commitment to celebrate Black culture through music. According to the Lyrically Correct business partners, most trivia games on the market contained obscure information that didn’t feel inclusive. The goal of the group was to create a friends and family activity that represented the Black community, and a core part of themselves— an interest in music. 

The 90’s & 2000’s Hip Hop/R&B Edition is the brand’s flagship product and best-seller. Each deck showcases iconic artists from the era with 115 trivia and 10 challenge cards. Players of all ages get hours of entertainment and the opportunity to belt out their cherished lines and rhymes.

Answer as many questions as possible within 60 seconds and score additional points with challenge cards that can be played at any time by either side. The team with the most points is declared the winner. 

For more genres, Lyrically Correct’s product lineup includes Revival: The Gospel Edition, The OBG: Oldies But Goodies featuring music from the 1960s and 1970s, and 80’s Mixtape: Hip Hop, R & B, Funk and Pop Edition. Ultimate Bundles are also available through the company’s website. featuring music from the 1960s and 1970s, and 80’s Mixtape: Hip Hop, R & B, Funk and Pop Edition. The R&B Expansion Pack and ultimate bundles are also available through the company’s website.

Visit https://lyricallycorrect.com for more information and keep the party going on Instagram: @lyricallycorrectgame.

About the Brand:

Lyrically Correct is the brainchild of two couples. With distinct skill sets and personalities, the four partners: Donte and Tiffany Jones, and Juelz and Nikki Rhodes bring a unique blend of talents to the brand. Donte, the outgoing CEO, pairs his competitive spirit with Tiffany’s role as COO, the warm and sociable scorekeeper. Juelz, the VP, adds his cool persona and charismatic presence, while Nikki, the executive administrator, balances the team with her hosting prowess and rule-following expertise. 

With a shared passion for great music and a competitive spirit, they developed a trivia card game that allows players to flex their music knowledge spanning genres from old-school hip hop and R&B to gospel hits. The Black-owned business aims to level up game nights while promoting a friends and family community for the culture in an underrepresented market.

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