Meet The Entrepreneur Behind The Newest Black-Owned Luxury Fragrance Brand

Meet Patrick Whitney, the founder and CEO of American Luxury Unlimited (ALU), one of few Black-owned luxury fragrance brands that offers a unique and sophisticated selection for both men and women.

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Meet Patrick Whitney, the founder and CEO of American Luxury Unlimited (ALU), one of few Black-owned luxury fragrance brands that offers a unique and sophisticated selection for men and women. Although only one year old, Whitney’s brand is a rising star in the luxury fragrance industry and is already making waves with its commitment to quality, sustainability, and representation.

Whitney’s passion for bringing head-turning fragrances to the market began with a simple compliment. After purchasing a fragrance from a popular store, he received compliments wherever he went. This inspired him to create his own fragrance brand that would embody confidence, admiration, and success.

“I wanted to show that luxury items didn’t have to come from foreign brands with a long history; rather, they could be made in America by people of all backgrounds,” he says.

ALU fragrances are crafted with the finest ingredients, sourced from sustainable suppliers who use ethical and environmentally responsible practices. The brand is committed to cruelty-free practices, using no animal products or derivatives in its fragrances.

The brand’s flagship fragrance line, The Gold Standard, features three eaux de parfums that will provide you with a go-to scent and give you the feeling of being the best of the best. These long-lasting scents are perfect for any occasion and have been praised by celebrities, politicians, athletes, and business leaders alike.

For women, ALU offers a luxurious fragrance called Ms. Influential that embodies confidence, ambition, and inspiration. The fragrance opens with bright, invigorating, citrusy notes that make a lasting impression. The dabber bottle is the perfect size and shape to take in your purse, and the elegant design makes it a stylish addition to your vanity.

The brand also highlights stories of women who use their influence for good, like former WBC, WIBA, IBU, & IWBF Women’s Boxing Champion Melissa St. Vil, who dedicates her time outside the boxing ring to advocate for children with autism.

Each of these scents comes in the form of 10ml fragrance oil roll-ons that are perfect for those on the go and offer even longer-lasting smell goods. Special gift sets that combine 1.76/2oz bottles of its fragrances with the 10ml fragrance oil roll-ons are also available. The brand is also introducing limited-edition Gold Standard 24kt fragrances, some featuring real gold flakes inside the bottle.

Whitney says his company is more than just another fragrance brand; it’s a movement. He comments, “ALU is committed to empowering people of all backgrounds to feel confident and successful. The fragrances are a reminder that luxury is not about price or brand name; it’s about feeling good about yourself.”

For more details and/or to support the brand, visit the company’s official website at 

The products are also available for purchase at Amazon.

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