Meet The Founder Of The First Black Woman-Owned Creative Daiquiri And Margarita Bar In Houston, Texas

Miyosha Weston, a dedicated wife, mother, sister, and daughter, is the first Black woman in history to own a creative daiquiri and margarita bar in Southeast Houston. Her establishment is called My Famous Daiq’s and Dogs and as the name indicates, it also includes a Gourmet Chili Hotdog stand.

With a journey marked by diverse business adventures and 33 years of corporate experience, Miyosha brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her latest venture. Her story is not just about entrepreneurship; it is a narrative of resilience, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence.

While establishing her groundbreaking business in 2021, Miyosha decided to go back to school, not only to learn the intricacies of running a business but also to master the art of building and leading a team. This commitment culminated in Miyosha achieving her Master’s in Human Resource Management, a testament to her dedication to personal and professional growth.

“Pouring into my business means investing in people,” she expresses. “I am firm about building a great team, and my education in Human Resource Management equips me to create an environment where everyone can thrive.”

My Famous Daiq’s and Dogs stands as a beacon of Miyosha’s innovative spirit, offering handcrafted daiquiris and margaritas alongside a Gourmet Chili Hotdog stand. She invites the community to join her in celebrating the Anniversary event on May 1, 2024, where guests can experience the unique blend of flavors and witness the manifestation of Miyosha’s entrepreneurial vision.

About the Owner
Miyosha Weston is a visionary entrepreneur, wife, mother, sister, and daughter, with a rich background in corporate America and a supportive family, for 33 years. Her journey includes diverse business ventures, and she is now celebrated as the first woman Black-owned creative daiquiri and margarita bar owner, complemented by a Gourmet Chili Hotdog stand in Southeast Houston. She shares her success with her husband Jacie Weston, Jr., and two children Jordon and Miyah.

About the Business
With an impressive selection of over 150 mixed creations, this innovative bar promises a one-of-a-kind journey through the world of tantalizing flavors. Unlike any other daiquiri and margarita bar, My Famous Daiq’s and Dogs has a two-lane drive-thru for those customers who choose to drive and keep going. This bar is a haven for enthusiasts seeking a diverse walk-up, drive-thru, and extensive menu. From classic favorites to bold and inventive concoctions, patrons can embark on a flavor adventure curated to satisfy every palate including flavors for the non-drinker. The bar boasts not only an extensive daiquiri and margarita selection but also features a Gourmet Chili Hotdog stand, adding a savory twist to the overall experience.

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