Mommy Bloggers, The Original Creators; A Threads Revival


 |  Oct. 3, 2023 2:44 PM PDT

Photo: “Extremely Online” author Taylor Lorenz. Photo by Brian Treitler

How is Instagram going to resuscitate Threads? By focusing on Black creators and finding the sweet spot between hard news and pop culture. That’s what my colleague Sylvia reported in her article Monday about what’s going on inside Instagram as it tries to breathe new life into the app, a rival to X (formerly known as Twitter). The jury’s still out as to whether any of these efforts will move the needle. The average number of daily active Android users on Threads has dropped to 8.6 million from 49.3 million at its peak in July. 

Meta is holding focus groups with creators this month to find out what would get them to post more. It’s particularly interested in winning over Black creators but has noticed so far that many are not making the shift from X to Threads. And it might be a tough sell.

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