Native Black box

~Enriching the African-American Business Partnerships~

Welcome to Native Black Box.

(…we call ourselves Native for short)

We are a community of black business entreprenuers and supporters of blackownedbusiness. We collectively share our experience, ideas, services, products and laughter is what we do. This social website is to enrich business and creators with …

Black Business Social/Supporting

Black Business can join and wer provide plate for black services and products of black business owerners in the use. We categories your business or services and share with our consumers on our social platforms. 

Commnity Creators/E-Consumers

Social media of black creators sharing their telents. Providing a platform where creators get paid for their content and creatrivity. Black Creators and supporters.

Business Social Media

Business can advertise their product or service with people who want to support black owned businessiness. and grow wealthin the black communities. Members are guided to learn online techniques to advertising thier business.

It’s particularly important to know who your clients are. Create a community for them where they can easily reach you and your team. Let them know you and in turn you’ll get to know them. With that you’ll be able to build trust and increase client loyalty.

Additionally, since your clients can interact with each other, they are more likely to help each other too. That means you’ll have less customer support to worry about. On top of that, they’ll also act as your brand ambassadors to all the new potential clients.

Business Social Media


E-Learning & Online Courses

Create and sell online courses, also provide an amazing environment for small business to collaborate and grow together. Providing course and online training for smaill business. Directory of courses from our Business Members covering a wide varity of courses in many technologies and Industries. Technologies such as, Blockchain, Investing, Business Etticate, Marketing, Sales Lead Generation, Gardening provided by our business members. Providing courses for all of our members, not just business owners.