Officials Introduce The Beacon Of Hope To The Salibury Community – 47abc

SALISBURY, Md. – Traveling back and forth, up and down the East Coast. Now, Harriet Tubman is planted in downtown Salisbury.

Known as the Beacon of Hope, people can see one of America’s most influential conductors, right in their back yard.

“We’re hoping that people will have conversations,” Director of Cars for Change, Shawna Kearsley, said. “For me, personally, I am hoping that meaningful relationships come out, over time.”

Vicente Hernandez owns Together Cafe, right across the street from where the statue stands. He says being able to pass by Harriet Tubman, every day, on his way to work, is a constant reminder of the powerful history in his community.

“To be a Black owned business, downtown, as well as having representation as a permanent figure, I feel like it’s testimony to where our society is moving forward,” Hernandez said.

With a remembrance plaque of Black individuals who were lynched in Wicomico County, just feet away, Hernandez said bringing Harriet Tubman to the plaza will help mend the pain from the past and offer hope for the future.

“She would have solved the lynching– she would have seen all those things,” Hernandez said. “To push the two stories together, it gives the voice to her life, and why we should combat injustices in our community, as well and bring hope for similar things.”

Kearsley said the Beacon of Hope should serve as a powerful monument for everyone who sees it.

“Harriett has broken the shackles. She has the generational key,” Kearsley said.

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