Providing Advice To Aspiring Black-Owned Businesses During Black History Month

LAFAYETTE, La. — February is known as black History month, and during this month KATC sat down with Black cafe Owner Trey Ware about his thoughts on how black-owned businesses play in driving innovation and entrepreneurship in the city.

“Black businesses like all small businesses are notorious for doing a lot with a little because of the financing and everything that goes along with it,” Ware says. “Resources aren’t available for black businesses so innovation and creativity are the ways we survive. Networking with each other and probably the most crucial thing is we are operating in the community, in the black community so the dollars we receive are recirculating through that community and trying to help develop and bring about little bit more economic uprising in the community.”

And for those in the community who are wanting to start up their own business, Ware says to just keep pushing.

“It doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient, have a plan and also be flexible. Be willing to change with whatever is going on, one of the greatest assets I have are the people and the relationships that I made with the other business owners,” said Ware. “
Every business owner is not a competitor. 99 percent of them are supporters, they wanna see you succeed, and wanna see themselves succeed. Nobody wants to see someone fall by the wayside. Every time a small business owner sees another small business close, it’s a sadness. Not a joy or anything like that. Just make sure you have a plan and stick to it.”

Kendrick Martin, President of Greater Southwest Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce about an initiative the organization is taking to help black business continue to thrive.

“On the 29th of February, the last day of Black History month we are going to be holding a black entrepreneurship and generational wealth panel,” Martin says. “The panel is going to be able to explain to new businesses owners on how to sustain business and how to grow your business, to keep education going and programs that are available for any entrepreneurs that is even driving to be a business owners. It’s free to the public and all we are doing is looking for venues to want to come out showcase their business and that’s free also and we want the public to come out and purchase from the different venues.”

For those interested in attending to learn and grow their own businesses,

“Registration is going to open today and through next week, you can apply at” he says.

Black Cafe is located at 518 S Pierce St #100, Lafayette, LA 70501.

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