Slutty Vegan’s Food-Truck Tour Coming To Huntsville

Slutty Vegan, popular Black-owned food-truck, returning to Alabama

Black-owned Slutty Vegan, which serves 100 percent-plant based “healthy junk food” will open its first Alabama location in Birmingham’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

Prepare to get promiscuous, at least as far as plant-based cuisine’s concerned.

Slutty Vegan’s food truck is rolling into Huntsville for a Jan. 31 pop-up event. The Atlanta-based venture announced their upcoming Huntsville stop, part of an annual “Gettin’ Slutty Tour,” via Instagram.

The Huntsville pop-ups hours and exact location have yet to be announced. Check back with for those details the day of the event.

Tour stops by the Slutty Vegan food-truck, part of the growing Black-owned restaurant chain, frequently draw big crowds.

Pinky Cole founded Slutty Vegan in summer 2018, starting out selling her plant-based burgers to-order through Instagram from her apartment. Business bloomed quickly.

Within weeks she’d scaled up to a food truck. By fall 2018, she’d opened her first Slutty Vegan restaurant to go along with the truck.

In a 2022 interview, Cole talked about her original inspiration to start Slutty Vegan. “I was wanting some vegan food on the late night,” Cole told writer Heather Gann. “You know some comfort food. And I couldn’t find anything and was coming up with ideas and Slutty Vegan just hit like a lightbulb.”

Of that eyebrow-raising business appellation, Cole said, “It sounds like a racy, provocative name. But what we are doing is we are redefining a word and we are adding power to it so now we get more support than anything.”

Slutty Vegan’s signature burgers include the One Night Stand a plant-based burger with vegan bacon, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and “slutty sauce.” Burger prices are around $18.

Sandwich options include a $15 Sneaky Link, a plant-based bratwurst topped with vegan chili on a pretzel bun. Burgers and sandwiches include a serving of crinkle-cut “slutty fries. They also sell servings of their vegan chili, called Hawt Toddy.

You can read Slutty Vegan’s entire menu on their website. They’ve yet to announce the Huntsville pop-up’s menu.

Slutty Vegan currently has around seven brick-and-mortar locations, including Birmingham, which opened in August 2022. That location temporarily shut-down “due to an unforeseen mechanical issue” in early January before reopening a few days later.

Cole and her business have received coverage from major media outlets including New York Times and CNN. According to Forbes, the Slutty Vegan brand is worth $100 million. The Slutty Vegan food truck first visited Alabama in 2020, when Cole did a pop-up in Birmingham.


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