Some Claiming Portions Of Tulsa-Themed Monopoly Game Are Racially Insensitive

TULSA, Okla. — The new Tulsa Monopoly game is causing some controversy. People say some of the “chance” cards in the game referring to Greenwood are racially insensitive.

One of the cards, people say, implies shopping on Greenwood is a penalty.

Hasbro took a chance at a Tulsa-themed Monopoly game. Since the unveiling last week, people are questioning parts of the game.

“To see it was only large corporations that got representation on that game says a lot on how we view any type of restorative justice or educating people about Greenwood,” said co-owner of Liquid Lounge on Greenwood, Kode Ransom. “Tulsa dropped the ball on this.”

While Monopoly is a game of spending and buying power, owner of Firm on Greenwood, Ronald Durbin II, is upset about a card in the deck.

It’s a card in the “community chest” deck that says “Support Black-owned businesses by shopping Black Wall Street. Pay $50.”

“In this particular version of the game, when you choose a chance card and you go to Black Wall Street, you lose $50, but if you burn your dinner on another card, you go to Desi Wok, you get dinner and if you pass go, you get $200,” Durbin said. “So what kind of message is Hasbro sending with this game?”

He added, instead of money spent on Greenwood going to the bank as a penalty, there should be a square on the board that when you land on it, you pay the person who “owns” the square.

“We’ve got this monstrosity of an interstate in this area,” he said. “We’ve got buildings that need help. We don’t need to send the message that supporting Black Wall Street is a bad idea.”

Ransom said Black Wall Street is what attracts a good portion of tourists to Tulsa, so to see a card like that, and a lack of Greenwood knowledge is disappointing.

Ransom said this could have been an opportunity to educate people about Greenwood, instead of making it sound like investing in business here is bad.

“If you’re creating something about Tulsa, this is Tulsa’s history that’s gotten erased for so long,” Ransom said. “We should do everything we can to put it at the forefront of everything else. I haven’t been to some of the places on the board. That’s not to say they can’t be there but there needs to be equal representation of Black Wall Street.”

The city of Tulsa said they weren’t part of the creation or selection of spaces or items in the game. We reached out to Hasbro for a comment, but we did not hear back. 

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