Supporting Black History Month At Sainsbury’s In 2023

At Sainsbury’s, we want to be a truly inclusive retailer where every one of our colleagues can fulfil their potential and where our customers feel welcome when they shop with us. We want to celebrate and recognise Black culture and the contribution our colleagues and customers have made to society and Sainsbury’s. Black History Month is an opportunity to learn about the food, culture and history and we want to continue learning over the coming years.

Thrive with Sainsbury’s

As part of our goal to be an inclusive retailer, it’s vital to us that we bring diversity to our products, which includes supporting Black-owned and founded brands, ensuring they have the right resources and funding to succeed.
Last year we launched ‘Thrive with Sainsbury’s’, the UK’s retail first incubator programme for Black-led businesses, with a £1million commitment to support the brands in their transition to becoming ready for supermarket shelves.

Thrive with Sainsbury’s was designed specifically to help Black and ethnic minority business owners to overcome obstacles they may face such as inadequate funding, lack of social capital and networks, or limited industry knowledge and expertise. The programme offers bespoke support delivered by expert partners to tackle these barriers.

Nine applicants received funding last year from Sainsbury’s in partnership with Foundervine and Mission Ventures where we provided the brands with 1:1 support and group learning, with a chance to eventually land their products in Sainsbury’s stores.

Through the programme we’ve seen three new Black-owned and founded brands – Mirror Margarita, Raise Snacks and Riddles Ice Tea – recently hit our shelves.

Read more about each of the brands below:

  • Raise Snacks – Inspired by his mum, Chester Robinson created his brand, Raise Snacks, to provide customers with a natural and delicious hit of nutrients through nuts and seeds. For every pouch you buy, you help to feed a child at risk of hunger in the UK. Raise snacks launched in Sainsbury’s stores and online on 17th August, and is now available in over 140 of our stores. The product is also available online in two flavours here.
  • Mirror Margarita– Created by spirits expert Deano Moncrieffe, who was inspired to create a cocktail that was familiar in both name and taste but strikingly different in appearance, Mirror Margarita shot to fame and was recently named UK Specialist Bar of the Year. Mirror Margarita launched in Sainsbury’s in- store and online on 17th September, with over 120 stores now stocking the product, and can be also found online here.
  • Riddles Ice Tea – Founded in London by a chemist, Charlie, Riddles Ice Tea specialises in creating delicious Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Ice Teas. It is vegan, gluten free, low calorie and low sugar. Riddles Ice Tea launched in- store on 17th September and can be found in over 100 of our stores, or online here.

We’ve also continued to support and work closely with all of the other brands involved in ‘Thrive with Sainsbury’s’ and are pleased to say that since 24th September we’ve been trialing Yumchop in selected stores. Yumchop is a range of frozen home-style cooked ready meals founded by husband and wife duo, Michael and Abi, who have introduced African style meals and flavours by creating a fusion with various meals from other cultures, with no added preservatives.

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