Black Founder Launches New Line Of Military Caps With Silk Liners In Retail Stores Nationwide

Meet Natasha Hinds, a retired U.S. Army veteran who is also the founder and CEO of Keep Your Hair Headgear, a pioneering Black-owned brand dedicated to promoting hair and scalp health. proudly announces the availability of its revolutionary silk military cap liners in physical military retail store locations across the nation. The brand aims to provide quality headwear solutions that promote healthy hair and protect sensitive skin.

With 65 percent of the U.S. population having curly hair, Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC recognizes the unique needs of military personnel with textured hair. Traditional headwear materials like wool, cotton, and nylon can lead to breakage and damage. Natasha, with her firsthand experience and understanding of the challenges faced by service members, established her brand to address this issue.

“Our unique mission is to protect your precious hair from breakage realized from wearing moisture-absorbing wool, cotton, and nylon headwear,” says Natasha. “We offer revolutionary quality satin and silk-lined headwear products that are friendly to the hair and scalp, promoting healthy and long-lasting hairstyles.”

The launch of silk military cap liners in 156 National and Overseas Exchange Retail Stores, as well as 10 National Navy Exchange Retail Stores, marks a significant milestone for Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC. This initiative not only introduces innovative solutions for military personnel but also underscores the company’s commitment to championing diversity, inclusion, and care for the hair and skin health of service women and men.

“Our range of silk liners and satin-lined headgear is designed to help individuals maintain the health and beauty of their hair while providing protection for the sensitive skin of cancer patients,” adds Natasha.

Beyond offering high-quality products, Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC is dedicated to supporting the veteran community. By choosing their liners, military personnel also contribute to the company’s commitment to donate 10% of profits to veteran-owned non-profit organizations.

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Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC is a certified Small Minority, Woman, and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Founder Natasha Hinds is a Saint Paul’s College graduate and proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., who recognized the potential for damage and loss of hair caused by commonly used materials in headgear, such as cotton, nylon, and wool. This issue, combined with other factors like medical conditions and tight hairstyles, prompted her to establish Keep Your Hair Headgear.

As a visionary, Natasha set her focus on addressing the conflict between the necessity of maintaining a professional appearance and the importance of preserving healthy hair and protecting sensitive skin. In addition to its military collection, Keep Your Hair Headgear offers satin-lined headwear under its trademark licensing agreements for the following organizations: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Howard University, Morgan State University, and the U.S. Air and Space Forces.

Benefits of wearing the products include: Less breakage and tangles, retained moisture, healthier hair, shinier hair, reduction in hair loss, longer-lasting hairstyles, and comfort for sensitive skin.

Ms. Moore joins the crowd of five-star reviewers and says, “Love love love my hat. Also love what this business stands for. It’s hard out here trying to save our hair! So far, I’ve been saving my edges from a whole lot of snagging and tugging with this silk-lined patrol cap.” Mr. Johnson concurs, “This is the greatest thing I’ve bought in my Army career. I absolutely love this product. Thank you.”

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HBCU Grads, Founders Of Black-Owned Golf Brand Secure $3.4M In Funding

Eastside Golf, a lifestyle golf brand founded in 2019 by African American entrepreneurs Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl Coope (both HBCU graduates of Morehouse College in Atlanta), has hit a big milestone as they recently secured $3.4 million in funding. The funding aims to help grow their brand and change people’s perspective on golf.

Since its launch, Eastside Golf has achieved outstanding success, with a 600% growth in the last two years. From only 2 employees and $100,000 in revenue in their first year, they now have a team of 16 people and have earned over $4 million by 2023, according to Shoppe Black.

What sets Eastside Golf apart is its distinctive apparel line, resonating not only within traditional golf circles but also capturing the attention of professionals, celebrities, and other athletes alike.

EP Golf Ventures, a partnership between the PGA of America and Elysian Park Ventures, recognized the brand’s potential and took the lead in the recent seed round. They emphasized their shared commitment to breaking away from golf’s conventional boundaries and to broaden participation and inclusivity in the sport.

With the secured funding, Eastside Golf has ambitious plans. The brand’s goal is to launch new product lines, including wholesale and women’s apparel, and double the number of pop-up events in major markets. The second-annual Eastside Golf Invitational is on the horizon during New York Fashion Week, showcasing the eagerly awaited “Spring Forward” collection at the PGA Show in Orlando.

Celebrity endorsements from NBA stars Chris Paul and Jayson Tatum, NFL legend Victor Cruz, musician DJ Khaled, and former President Barack Obama highlight the brand’s widespread impact. Collaborations with global brands like Jordan Brand and strategic partnerships with the NBA, MLB, and Mercedes Benz further underscore Eastside Golf’s influence.

Moreover, Eastside Golf is also committed to social causes, donating $150,000 to support HBCU golf. The founders envision expanding globally and creating brick-and-mortar locations, expressing gratitude for the support from EP Golf Ventures.

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Black Teen Made History When He Became The Youngest Store Owner At A South Carolina Mall

In 2018, 19-year-old Jordan Jackson opened his retail store, Birch & Pen, at Northwoods Mall in North Charleston, South Carolina, becoming the youngest store owner in his town. Now, he organizes numerous pop-up markets featuring his own brand and other local small businesses.

Ever since he realized his talent in styling and how he could make money from it, Jackson wanted to have his own business and be a “young boss.” Before having his own store, he began by selling clothes via his online store where his fashion and design skills gained widespread recognition.

With the help of his supportive mother, Keisha, he launched what was initially known as a clothing and accessories boutique that catered to both men’s and women’s high-fashion, trendy apparel.

While at the mall, Jackson garnered awards and recognition for his achievements. However, after just one year, he decided to close the retail store emphasizing that this closure signifies not an end but a new beginning for a fresh idea.

“I was here to show you guys that it’s possible to follow your dreams,” Jackson told ABC News 4. “So definitely be sure and live your life unapologetically each and every day. This is not the end, this is only the beginning.”

Fast forward to a few years later, Jackson has teamed up with other businesses to open numerous pop-up markets in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. With his passion for design, he organizes inspiring lifestyle marketplaces that feature clothing, home decor, and food from his own brand as well as other local brands.


Howard Grad Makes History With HBCU Apparel Line That Inspires Higher Education In The Black Community

Kamirria Wallace, a Howard University graduate turned entrepreneur, is championing higher education within the Black community with Black & Scholared, her fashion-forward collegiate apparel brand.

The number of Black students enrolling in higher education has been historically lower than their counterparts. Recent research has shown that enrollment rates have increased from 17.9% in 2010 to 22.6% in 2023; however, according to The Census American Community Survey, the number still falls short of the national average recorded at 32.9%.

Kamirria is on a mission to flip those statistics through her purpose-driven fashion brand. In 2020, she started Black & Scholared as a passion to build an HBCU legacy for her daughters. The company has magnified its mission three years later, offering collections of officially licensed HBCU collegiate apparel designed to celebrate and encourage higher education within the Black community. Items in the collections range from sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hoodies to totes, hats, and alumni lapel pins.

But Black & Scholared is not just for current and past students. Kamirria has stayed true to the motivation for starting the business by nurturing aspirations for higher education in toddlers and youth with the company’s youth collection.

For Kamirria, Black & Scholared is more than just a business. She is committed to helping Black students finance their dream of higher education. Consequently, Black & Scholared offers a scholarship fund to help students with tuition and living costs. She said: “Education is the key to decreasing the wealth gap in the Black community. As an HBCU graduate, I can attest that a sense of belonging is important to student success. That’s why we also support our HBCU partners with a portion of our profits.”

When Kamirria started Black & Scholared, she only had one HBCU license. However, the business has expanded to include licenses for 7 HBCUs, including Howard University, Morgan State University, Norfolk State University, North Carolina A&T State University, Hampton University, Virginia State University, and Texas Southern University. With over 100 HBCUs across the country, Wallace plans to expand the company’s license to include more institutions.

She said: “We want to support institutions that provide education and the environment for Black students to thrive. We are building a brand, but we are also building a legacy.”

Since the company’s inception, Black & Scholared has reached over 500K scholars and contributed over $30,000 to the HBCU community. The brand is currently sold online and in major retail stores including Foot Locker and Barnes & Noble College HBCU campus bookstores.

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Black & Scholared® is a community and purpose-driven apparel brand on a mission to celebrate, support, and encourage higher education within the Black Community. Through the sale of empowering collections and licensed collegiate apparel, Black & Scholared helps students and alumni who want to proudly represent their HBCU school or alma mater by providing fashion-forward apparel with a portion of proceeds regularly donated to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

For press inquiries, contact and 773-458-6532


This Black Entrepreneur Hit $1M In T-Shirt Sales While Working A Full-Time Job

Meet Ari Simpson, the founder of a statement t-shirt brand called Tees of Life who was able to generate a million dollars in revenue within just three years while she was also juggling motherhood and a full-time job.

In 2020, Simpson and her husband founded Tees of Life to quench her creative thirst to say what she wanted to say. Since she has always loved statement t-shirts, she thought of creating a t-shirt brand that features sassy messages of self-love and confidence directed mostly to women.

Simpson said she and her husband were clueless when they started the business, but they were passionate about what they were doing. Simpson, who was then working a 9-5 job, used all her free time from work to grow the business. She even sacrificed her lunch breaks, PTOs, weekends, and special events with family and friends, she told Black Enterprise.

Within just 3 years, everything she did has been worth it. The brand got an overwhelming response initially from their local community until they reached more people on social media and sold more than 50,000 statement t-shirts. As Tees of Life hit the million-dollar mark, Simpson left her job to focus more on the business.

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