Black Sibling Entrepreneurs Making History With All-Natural, Plant-Based Haircare Products

Meet Glynnis and Shelly Smith, the dynamic sister duo behind Meme Natural You, a Black-owned line of all-natural, plant-based products that are making waves in the world of textured hair care. Based in Kansas City, Kansas, they are now known for their latest creation, the Nutritional Hair Growth & Scalp Oil, but their journey is a remarkable tale of determination, dedication, and cultural preservation.

The Smith sisters embarked on their path to success in 2018 when they founded their company. Their mission was clear from the start: to address the unique hair care needs of Black women and transform the world of textured hair care. Their products, now widely used in hospitals, have made a significant impact on the diverse needs and environments of children.

The Smith sisters spent seven years owning a beauty supply store in 2000, followed by over two decades of operating Braid Heavens, a hair salon that became a local legend. Their stories have been featured in prestigious magazines such as Allure, Essence, KC Studio, American Salon, and various local media outlets.

Now, their latest creation, the Nutritional Hair Growth & Scalp Oil, stands as a testament to their commitment to serving their community’s hair care needs. It’s not just a product. “It pays homage to our cultural roots,” says Shelly. “This unique formula is designed to stimulate hair follicles, promoting growth, thickness, and hair strand fortitude.”

The motivation behind this visionary product is deeply rooted in Glynnis and Shelly’s connection to their native culture in Guyana, South America. They recognized the profound need for a culturally-inspired hair care solution, resulting in a harmonious blend of natural and organic ingredients. Glynnis and Shelly, the driving forces behind Meme Natural You, extend a warm invitation to everyone to join them on this incredible journey to healthier, more vibrant hair. Their commitment to the Black community and their passion for cultural preservation shine through in every drop of their products.

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Meme Natural You is a proudly Black woman-owned hair care brand, dedicated to celebrating the beauty of textured hair. Inspired by their Guyanese heritage, sisters Glynnis and Shelly have created a range of products that fuse tradition with innovation, providing holistic solutions for healthy, strong, and beautiful hair.

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Disney Collaborates With Black-Owned Photography Studio To Reimagine Its White Princess Characters

CreativeSoul, an Atlanta-based Black-owned photography business, has been tapped to collaborate with Disney to launch a special edition artist series that features a beautiful collection of reimagined diverse dolls. All of them are inspired by the original Disney princesses.

The CreativeSoul Doll Collection, which is based on the work of CreativeSoul Photography founders Regis and Kahran Bethencourt, completely reimagines what a classic princess could look like through a diverse new lens.

The dolls, which are inspired by four Disney Princesses — Tiana, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Cinderella — have natural hairstyles and dark-colored skin, empowering girls of color that they can be a princess, too. The dolls are adorned with intricate African fabrics and jewelry in bright colors that showcase the vibrant culture.

Aside from that, the collection will also include a series of 5 photographic prints of the models that inspired the dolls, plus one bonus print that features Elsa.

The husband and wife duo behind the collaboration has always pursued initiatives that highlight and celebrate the beauty of diversity uniquely and creatively for more than 13 years.

“Our mission has always been to bring bold inspiring images of people of color to life,” Kahran said.

“We are both excited and proud of this project and hope that through the lens of photography, it will help further empower young girls of color and show they can be a princess too,” added Regis.

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Best Friends Who Made $2M In Two Years Now Helping Others Get Started In Billion Dollar Hair & Beauty Industry

Khat Rabbani and Ashley Williams, best friends and the founders of Hair Are Us, a successful line of hair extensions that generated $2 million in revenue in just two years, have launched a new curriculum to teach other entrepreneurs everything they need to know about the Black beauty industry.

As entrepreneurs, they themselves went through the frustration of the daily grind, working day-in and day-out struggling to make enough money to live without worry. When they decided to change their lives and start a hair extension business, they faced many challenges at first. However, not scared to take risk, they took the last money to their names, which was a $1,000 each and turned an idea into a million dollar empire. They went from selling hair out of the trunks of their cars to having several retail locations and a seven figure e-commerce business with products sold globally.

Their curriculum which currently consists of digital guides is designed to reduce challenges for those starting a hair business as much as possible; giving you the tools to build a successful company without experiencing all the mistakes they’ve made along the way. Along with their master courses that will be released in the near future, their curriculum is everything that aspiring entrepreneurs to get a piece of the mult-billion dollar hair and beauty industry.

For their entrepreneurial accomplishments, Khat and Ashley have been featured on The Profit with Marcus Lemonis as well as countless other news outlets highlighting their journey in the hair industry including Black Enterprise, Essence, Yahoo News, and they have been featured on CNBC’s The Profit and BET.

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