Meet The Black Female Architect Behind Nigeria’s Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Projects

Meet Olajumoke Adenowo, the remarkable Black female architect who is responsible for some of Nigeria’s top real estate projects. In a field traditionally dominated by men, she has defied the odds and achieved great success throughout her career.

Adenowo was first inspired to pursue a career in architecture after a visit to Paris, where she was captivated by the magnificent structures she encountered. Determined to bring the same level of architectural excellence to Africa, she embarked on her journey in the field.

She started her career at Femi Majekodunmi Associates architectural firm and quickly rose through the ranks, proving her passion and dedication. She shared that while others were enjoying their leisure time, she would be found at the office, even late at night.

“I think my boss saw my passion and he gave me a chance. If we had more mentors like that in Africa, I believe the younger generation would blossom faster,” Adenowo told Wakanda Africa News.

At the age of 25, she established her own company, which has since become a world-class organization known for its excellence in architecture.

Throughout her career, Adenowo has built an impressive portfolio, working on notable projects that have garnered attention both locally and internationally. Some of her noteworthy works include the Nigerian Stock Exchange building, the Heritage Bank Headquarters, and the Ekiti State Liaison Office in Lagos.

Her exceptional performance has earned her prestigious accolades, including the International Alliance for Women World of Difference 100 Award, the Rare Gems Award, the New African Business Woman of the Year Award, and the International Property Awards, among others.

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Meet The Black Woman Whose Company Cleans Sports Arenas For Major Events Like The World Series

Meet Sheena Parker, the founder and CEO of 4SYT Industries, a Black woman-owned facility maintenance company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her company has secured big contracts with major buildings and venues including the Citizens Bank Park in Philadephia in preparation for the 2022 World Series.

Sheena’s company has played a role in the Phillies’ World Series run and she is proud of it. 4SYT is the one responsible for cleaning the Citizens Bank Park before and after the games. Even after a rain cancellation, the crew of 150 members had to pressure wash all the 43,035 seats in the venue, making sure it is ready for the next game.

“My guys work super hard and they work all night,” she told ABC6. “We do pressure washing, trash pickup, and janitorial.”

Parker said her company also prepares the Citizens Bank Park for other concerts and events, not only the World Series. Aside from that, 4SYT is responsible for all state buildings in Delaware and the Atlanta public school system as well as several buildings and venues in 6 states along the East Coast.

Parker takes pride in knowing that her company is only one of the few Black-owned companies to secure such big contracts, which she did not really expect at first. In a field of work dominated by men, Parker, who is also an army veteran, said she is usually the only Black woman, or sometimes even the only woman, when she visits sites. She hopes to encourage more women and minorities who also have big goals.

“We all have the fear,” she said. “And I would just suggest that anyone push through that fear with whatever dream or business that they want to start. They just go ahead and do it.”

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HBCU Grad Launches First Ever Black Woman-Owned Strip Mall Opens In Washington, DC

Angel Gregorio, a serial entrepreneur and Howard University alum, has launched the first-ever Black-owned strip mall in Washington, DC with affordable commercial space specifically for other Black women business owners.

In December 2021, Gregorio bought a 7,500-square-foot commercial property worth $1 million to expand her business The Spice Suite. The property looked dilapidated but she saw the potential to develop it into something that would benefit a lot of emerging local businesses.

Gregorio, who is a former school principal, has always wanted to make a positive impact in the community. She changed careers and opened The Spice Suite in 2015 to provide unique and special spice blends despite having no culinary background. Eventually, it evolved into a dream incubator for women that allows them to sell products in the shop for free.

Since then, Gregorio has hosted nearly 500 free pop-up shops for Black business owners, proving to be a go-to for small business incubation. As its reach continues to grow, The Spice Suite outgrew its first location, prompting Gregorio to move to a bigger one.

After over a year since buying the run-down property and remodeling it, Gregorio launched Black and Forth, a first-of-its-kind strip mall in Washington, DC that uses shipping containers to serve as commercial spaces. Now with a larger area, she created a new destination not just for The Spice Suite, but also for other businesses such as hair, brow, nail, and waxing salons.

Moreover, Gregorio aims to support and empower more businesses through commercial spaces, especially in cities like D.C. where the rent prices continue to increase unreasonably.

“I want this to become the model,” she shared during her ribbon-cutting ceremony, according to AfroTech. “I want to be able to consult for free and talk to other people on how to do this in your city, in your quadrant, so this becomes the standard of how we care for each other and how we show up for community.”

The strip mall is located at 2201 Channing St NE, Washington, DC 20018.

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