Cincinnati Welcomes Its First Black-Owned Pharmacy In 17 Years

Altev Community Pharmacy is Cincinnati’s first Black-owned pharmacy to open its doors in 17 years. Founded by Dr. Emmanuel Ayanjoke, this pharmacy aims to provide essential healthcare services while fostering a sense of community and representation for people of color in the area.

“It’s all about our patients,” Ayanjoke told ABC9. “It’s all about our dedication to their care.”

Aside from providing easy access to medications to many residents, Altev Community Pharmacy also offers a discount program to make prescriptions and other items more affordable for customers.

Moreover, the fact that the pharmacy is Black-owned holds special significance for people of color in the area. Representation matters, and seeing a business owned by someone who understands their community can foster trust and comfort.

Ayanjoke’s journey to opening the pharmacy was supported by McKesson, a healthcare company. McKesson’s Project Oasis provided financial assistance to establish Altev Community Pharmacy, aiming to empower underprivileged communities by establishing self-sufficient pharmacies.

The grand opening of Altev Community Pharmacy was celebrated by various dignitaries, including Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, Cincinnati City Council members Scotty Johnson and Seth Walsh, Congressman Greg Landsman, and Hamilton County Commission President Alicia Reece.

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Also, you can support the business by visiting its location at 3559 Reading Rd, Ste 104 Cincinnati, Ohio.


14-Year-Old Black Teen Creates Innovative Watch That Can Detect Signs Of A Stroke

Meet Naya Ellis, a 14-year-old African American girl from New Orleans who is the inventor of WingItt, an innovative wristwatch designed to detect early signs of a stroke. Inspired by her family’s health struggles, her invention has gained attention for its potential to save lives.

Naya, a 9th-grade student at John F. Kennedy High School in New Orleans, began her journey while enrolled in the STEM NOLA Fellows Program, which empowers young people to explore science, technology, engineering, and math. After spending about eight months there, she found her calling during one of her Saturday sessions. Thinking of her mother, who battled with breast cancer, and her grandmother, who suffered from strokes, Naya decided to create WingItt, a watch designed to spot early signs of strokes.

Using advanced technology, WingItt reads nerve impulses and heartbeats, providing an early warning system for strokes. Naya’s goal is to make it affordable for seniors who might not have access to expensive health monitors.

Naya’s hard work paid off when she was recognized as one of the top students in the National STEM Challenge. Now, she’s gearing up to showcase her creation in Washington, DC.

As Naya starts high school, she’s not just dreaming of making more inventions; She’s also aiming to excel in softball and pursue her dream of becoming an obstetrician-gynecologist, showing other kids in her community what’s possible with STEM education.

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This Health Insurance Agency Owned By A Black Mom And Daughter Duo Is Helping Applicants Get Free Coverage

Meet Shaughnna and Fallon Blackmon, an African American mom and daughter from Houston, Texas, who are the founders of The Real Insurance Lady, a Black-owned multi-million-dollar health insurance agency that provides affordable and free health insurance plans across the United States. Making it a family affair, they have enlisted many of their close friends and family members and have grown their agency now operating all over the South with agents in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas.

Shaughnna, the mom, is the mastermind and foundation of The Real Insurance Lady providing the executive strategy that allows them to boast about being the #1 Obamacare policy writer in the nation. Together with her daughter, Fallon, they helped more than 16,000 people get health insurance coverage last year and that number is expected to grow exponentially this year. Thanks to Fallon’s marketing expertise, their company has gone viral in Houston in other small towns across the state and the nation.

Shaughnna comments, “We are on the ground, in the community, helping people to live happier, healthier lives by meeting them right where they are. Healthcare is a universal right for everyone, and our team is doing what it takes to ensure everyone in America has health insurance.”

Obamacare has been in place since March 23rd, 2010, and more than 21.3 million people have enrolled in ACA marketplace coverage. However, so far in 2024, nearly 50% of Americans are struggling to afford their existing healthcare bills. The Real Insurance Lady has over 50 employees working around the clock to make a difference in the healthcare outcomes of people everywhere. They have a host of insurance agents, brand ambassadors, and customer service team members available online, by phone, and in person to help people get health insurance.

Many clients that get health coverage with The Real Insurance Lady pay $0 a month because of the government subsidy. This is a huge help to applicants who are underemployed or don’t have an employer-sponsored health insurance plan accessible to them. In some cases, what an applicant can get through an ACA health plan allows them to save significant dollars each month.

This is truly a great economic gain for those who enroll amid a host of benefits:

• It takes 7 minutes or less to get health, dental, and vision insurance in place for individuals and families.

• Focuses on providing coverage to underserved and low-income communities across the country.

• Individuals and families put money back in their pockets and reduce their healthcare expenditures.

• 95% of applicants qualify for free health insurance.

For more information about their health insurance plans, call (713) 367-1161 to speak to an insurance specialist or visit their official website at to request a quote.

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Mom And Daughter’s Black Doctor-Owned Startup Raises $14M, Using AI To Help Cancer Patients

Meet Dr. Olufunmilayo (Funmi) Olopade and her daughter, Feyi Olopade Ayodele, the co-founders of CancerIQ, a Black-owned healthcare technology company that has secured $14 million in funding to advance its mission of using AI technology to detect cancer early. Funmi serves as Chief Scientific Officer of the company while Feyi is the company’s CEO.

Their innovative approach is to address disparities in cancer care, particularly among underserved communities, by providing personalized risk assessments and connecting patients with tailored care plans.

Due to various barriers, including limited access to healthcare, many Black women are diagnosed with cancer at later stages, leading to poorer outcomes compared to their white counterparts. The pandemic only worsened matters, with millions missing crucial screenings.

But CancerIQ is stepping up. Their precision health platform leverages AI to assess a patient’s cancer risk based on factors like genetics and family history. Then, it connects them with personalized care plans, ranging from screenings to lifestyle interventions. The platform has already been in use at over 180 locations nationwide.

“CancerIQ’s vision is to end cancer as we know it by eliminating health disparities and democratizing access to the latest advances in cancer early detection and prevention,” Ayodele said after being featured in Forbes. “We started by making genetic testing more accessible and connecting patients to the right preventive services at the right time.”

Meanwhile, the new funding will further CancerIQ’s mission to bridge gaps in cancer screening and risk assessment, as highlighted in a recent report from the President’s Cancer Panel. With a vision to end cancer disparities, the company aims to democratize access to advanced detection and prevention methods.

The funding round was co-led by Merck Global Health Innovation Fund and Amgen Ventures, showcasing industry support for CancerIQ’s vision. And with plans to hire 50 new team members, the company is gearing up to make an even bigger impact in the fight against cancer.

Learn more about the company via its official website


Meet The Black Entrepreneur Using AI To Help People With Kidney Disease

Meet Dr. Ikenna Okezie, the mastermind behind Somatus, a Black-owned healthcare company based in Northern Virginia that is revolutionizing kidney disease management. With the help of AI, his company helps with early detection, prevention, and empowering patients to take charge of their health.

In 2016, Okezie started Somatus with a mission to shake up how kidney disease is handled. Instead of waiting until it’s too late and relying solely on dialysis, Somatus puts the focus on catching kidney issues early and giving patients more control over their health.

Using RenalIQ, a special platform powered by AI, they monitor patients’ health through machine learning and analytics. It spots people who might be at risk and offers them virtual care options, all without them needing to leave home.

What’s more, they work closely with local doctors and health plans to ensure patients get personalized care at home. In 2022, they’ve served over 150,000 people got a whopping $325 million in funding in 2022. This made them one of the fastest-growing healthcare startups, valued at $2.5 billion.

“Since our inception, Somatus has always been committed to bringing superior evidence-based integrated care to patients with kidney disease, which delays disease progression, improves quality of life, and lowers total cost of care,” Okezie said, according to Shoppe Black.

In 2023, Somatus expanded its partnership with the Kidney Care Center across multiple states, enhancing patient care with local teams and advanced technology. They’re committed to addressing health disparities too, as shown by signing the Health Evolution Pledge.

In 2024, Somatus was chosen by Sun Life U.S. as a preferred partner to improve care for members with kidney and heart disease, using AI to cut costs and boost outcomes.

With innovative technology and strong partnerships, Somatus offers hope to millions battling kidney disease, marking a new era in healthcare.

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Black Mom And Son Duo Make History With New Vegan And Gluten-Free Skincare Line For Kids

Patrice Chappelle and her 13-year-old son, Bron, are the founders of MelanBrand Skin, a pioneering natural skincare company tailored for Black and brown kids. They developed an interest in creating such products when Bron was younger and suffered from extremely dry skin.

“In a market dominated by skincare products for babies and adults, there’s a glaring absence on the shelves for school-age children and teens,” states Patrice, who is an HBCU graduate of Fisk University. Alongside her teen son who serves as co-founder and Co-CEO, they are on a mission to fill this critical gap in the industry.

Reflecting on her own struggles as a parent, Patrice recalls the challenges of finding suitable skincare solutions for her son’s melanated skin during his younger years. “We searched high and low, only to find limited options beyond basic soap, water, and lotion – none specifically designed for kids, let alone those with melanated skin,” she shares.

Driven by this need and her personal journey, Patrice and her son embarked on a quest to create a natural, safe, and effective skincare line tailored explicitly for children and products that were vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, and free from parabens and phthalates. “We recognized the importance of addressing skincare from an early age, not only for appearance but also for instilling lifelong habits,” she explains. Each Starter Kit comes with a MelanBrand Skin my skin is beautiful affirmation as a daily reminder to love the skin that you are in, while taking care of it too.

With MelanBrand Skin, Patrice and Bron aim to revolutionize the skincare industry by providing accessible, high-quality products that cater specifically to the needs of Black and brown children. “Our focus is not just on skincare; it’s about empowering children to embrace and care for their skin with confidence,” she emphasizes.

As the demand for inclusive skincare solutions continues to rise, their products stand at the forefront, offering a transformative approach to skincare that celebrates diversity and promotes self-love.

To learn more about MelanBrand Skin products, visit the official website at

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @MelanBrandSkin

MelanBrand Skin, LLC proudly leads the skincare industry with innovation as a groundbreaking skincare company owned and operated by a Black mother-son duo. Its mission revolves around crafting safe and natural skincare solutions tailored for Black and brown children. With an unwavering dedication to quality and safety, the brand distinguishes itself from other brands, emerging as the preferred choice for parents seeking trustworthy and effective skincare for their little ones. MelanBrand Skin caters to a wide range of skin concerns, from the most delicate to the most challenging, including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne-prone skin.

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Husband And Wife, Both Doctors, Open Black-Owned Dual Practice Specializing In Sleep Medicine And Obesity Management

In a groundbreaking move, Drs. Christopher and Dafina Allen, a trailblazing African American husband and wife duo, are making history in Saginaw, Michigan. These two accomplished doctors are not only bringing their individual medical practices under one roof, but are also breaking barriers as they unite their expertise as a married couple.Dr. Christopher is the proud owner of Quality Sleep and Neurology, and his wife, Dr. Dafina is the visionary owner of Wise Weight Management, are set to redefine healthcare dynamics in the city of Saginaw. Their decision to establish a joint practice transcends the traditional medical landscape, showcasing the strength of unity and shared goals within the realm of marriage and professional collaboration.

“As a husband and wife team, our journey is a testament to the power of partnership and shared passion for healthcare excellence,” stated Dr. Christopher Allen. “By combining our practices, we not only aim to provide exceptional medical services, but also to inspire aspiring healthcare professionals, particularly within minority communities.”

Dr. Dafina Allen echoed the sentiment, expressing, “Representation matters. We want our story to inspire young individuals, showing them that diversity in healthcare is not just possible but essential. Our joint venture is a celebration of love, commitment, and the impact we can collectively make on the communities we serve.”

The Allens’ decision to merge their practices is a bold step towards fostering inclusivity and representation in the medical field. Their collaboration not only brings together expertise in neurology and weight management, but also serves as inspirational examples for aspiring black professionals considering careers in medicine.

Together, they are dedicated to making a lasting impact on healthcare and inspiring the next generation of diverse medical professionals.

To learn more about Dr. Dafina’s company, visit or follow her brand on Instagram @WiseWeightManagement

To learn more about Dr. Chris’ company, follow his brand on Instagram @SleepDrChris

Or visit their location in-person at 2172 Hemmeter Rd, Saginaw, MI 48609.

For media inquiries, please contact Dr. Christopher J. Allen at 989-714-5860 or Maddison Godi (Media Manager) at 989-385-1188.


Jamaican Nanny Creates Million Dollar Maternal And Community Health Empire

Rosalee Henry, the Founder and CEO of Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta LLC, a leading provider of newborn and postpartum care along with community health support, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the 2024 Business Achievement Award for Excellence in Black Entrepreneurship. This esteemed accolade, presented at the TSP Game Plan event, recognizes the company’s exceptional growth and its significant contribution as a Black-owned business in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Rosalee is a Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Educator and her company, Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta, has evolved from a one-woman operation into a global powerhouse, with a team of nearly 500 professionals. The company’s expansion into home care and medical staffing solutions has further solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry.

“We are immensely grateful for this recognition, which reflects the dedication of our team and the trust placed in us by every family we’ve served,” said Rosalee. “It affirms our commitment to not just business excellence but to making a meaningful difference in the communities we touch.”

The award ceremony highlighted the company’s innovative care protocols and its resilience in overcoming industry challenges, particularly in expanding access to quality postpartum support in underserved areas. One family’s testimonial encapsulates the impact of Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta: “The care and expertise they provided were invaluable during such a vulnerable time. Rosalee and her team truly go above and beyond.”

Under Rosalee’s leadership, the company has expanded its services to include home care and medical staffing solutions, serving Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, and Private Residences with a skilled cadre of RNs, LPNs, and CNAs.

Business training available:

Rosalee is now consulting with Doulas and members of the birthing community on how to increase their impact and their income while serving their communities on a higher level. Those who are ready to elevate your business can schedule a consultation now.

Learn more at

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Black Female Psychologist Uses QR Codes To Launch Interactive Coaching System For Personal And Professional Development

In a groundbreaking move, Dr. Staci L. Parker introduces the InTouch Holistic Interactive Coaching System Workbook, setting a new standard in transformational and professional development coaching. Central to this innovative approach is the integration of Interactive QR Codes, offering an unparalleled and immersive coaching experience for users. Breaking barriers of time and cost, Dr. Parker leverages technology and a unique QR code system to offer affordable, intimate, and self-paced coaching in the areas of Introspective, Relationship, Career & Professional Coaching, and Spiritual Exploration.

A Revolution in Transformation Coaching

Dr. Parker, a seasoned organizational development psychologist, has redirected her expertise to provide global accessibility to transformation coaching for anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Dr. Parker’s innovative coaching system integrates coaching methods, psychological theories, personality assessments, and career guidance into a single workbook. Her pioneering coaching system combines proven psychological methodologies with technology, and the spotlight is on the Interactive QR Codes embedded throughout the workbook.

What sets this coaching approach apart from others is the QR Code system that enables readers to scan and receive personalized messages that replicate the intimacy of in-person coaching. Through her innovative coaching system, Dr. Parker created an immersive and interactive coaching experience that mimics the sessions clients would share with her in person.

Personal Connection

The workbook includes holistic healing practices, unique career and professional development exercises, original lo-fi inspirational music, personality and emotional intelligence assessments with results, and coloring pages for color therapy. Readers can even schedule a live talk with Dr. Parker as one of many features inside the workbook – at no charge. There are also insightful and inspirational messages throughout the workbook like, The Rain Dance Story so readers can get to know her on a personal level.

Special Offer

The InTouch Holistic Interactive Coaching System Workbook is available on Amazon for $88. However, readers of this press release can enjoy a 50% discount by clicking on this Workbook Discount link.

To learn more, visit the InTouch Holistic website or click the About the Workbook link. Individuals can also purchase the Workbook Journal Companion at a 50% discount with an exclusive QR Code inside the Interactive Workbook. The journal is part of the individual’s extended reflection exercises from the Interactive Workbook; however, they are designed to be used together or separately.

Dr. Staci L. Parker is a distinguished graduate of Walden University with honor distinctions from the National Society of Leadership and Success and the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology. She has authored and published a combination of books and articles on various subjects and provided coaching and consulting services through her recently retired practice of 12 years. Currently, an Advanced Doctoral Advisor for a renowned university, Dr. Parker continues to offer her experience of over 20 years to providing transformational coaching services; however, she says: “The Interactive Coaching Systems Workbook is my greatest work because it’s available to those who need it most.”

For media inquiries, review copies, or interviews, please contact or 813-418-2925.


Founders Of Black-Owned Startup Aim To Help Billion-Dollar Pharmaceutical Companies Diversify Their Research

Shawn Williams, Abiel Obanjo, and Dr. Elizabeth Jackson, the young African American founders of Divergent CRO, a leading Black-owned provider of clinical services to biotech and device companies, are pleased to announce the official launch of their firm’s new Contract Research Organization (CRO). Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this new venture aims to revolutionize the research and development process by offering comprehensive and tailored clinical services to meet the unique diversity needs of the biotech and device industries.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Divergent CRO provides a wide range of services, including clinical trial management, regulatory affairs, data management, biostatistics, and medical writing. By leveraging our extensive expertise, we are dedicated to helping our clients accelerate the development of innovative biopharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Their team of highly skilled professionals, including experienced clinical researchers, project managers, and regulatory specialists, is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality and efficiency throughout each stage of the clinical trial process. We understand the challenges faced by biotech and device companies and are committed to providing flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet their specific needs.

Divergent CRO is equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to ensure the smooth execution of clinical trials. Its advanced data management systems and secure facilities ensure the confidentiality and integrity of study data, while our robust quality assurance processes guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements.

“We are thrilled to launch our new Contract Research Organization and partner with biotech and device companies to advance the development of life-changing therapies,” said Abiel Obanjo, partner and co-founder of the firm. “Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and providing the highest level of service to our clients. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are confident that we can make a significant impact on the success of their clinical programs.”

Divergent CRO is now accepting inquiries and is available to discuss collaboration opportunities with biotech and device companies seeking to enhance their clinical research capabilities. For more information, please visit its official website at

Divergent CRO is one of the few Black-owned leading providers of clinical services to biotech and device companies. With a focus on innovation and quality, it strives to accelerate the development of life-changing therapies through our comprehensive and tailored clinical services. It thrives on leaving its clients and patients satisfied by improving human health and wellness. Their team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and providing the highest level of service to our clients. At Divergent CRO, they don’t just manage clinical trials; they craft personalized solutions, striving to be the difference by transforming challenges into triumphs in the pursuit of groundbreaking healthcare innovation.

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