The Restaurant In Lake City Way That Enriches The Community

Mojito has been serving authentic Latin cuisine in the Northwest for over twenty years. Sponsored by BECU.

SEATTLE — Finding Mojito can be tricky at times, located in a small corner of the Roosevelt neighborhood, this Latin-American Restaurant has a lot of passion when it comes to flavorful dishes and connecting with its customers.

Mojito is a restaurant has been here for 23 years, not Caribbean, not Mexican, but we are a Latin American restaurant,” said owner Luam Wersom. “We try to cook with love and show people that this is what we do.”

Their menu celebrates meals from Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela. One of the regular’s favorites is the Vaca Frita, a traditional Cuban dish. Shredded beef marinated in lime juice and sautéed with onions, garlic and sweet peppers. Served with congrí and maduros. 

Another meal that is a must is Pabellón, Venezuela’s national dish. Seasoned shredded beef cooked in a red pepper and onion tomato sauce. Served with rice, black beans,and maduros.

But without a doubt, the most popular item on the menu has to be a cocktail called, yes you guessed it “Mojito” a drink made out of rum, mint, lime and simple syrup.

“We make our own sugar water, we use a whole lime,” said Wersom. “That’s the million-dollar mojito, that’s a spiritual experience.”

For owner Wersom, is very important to give back to the community, specifically since he himself and his family were part of a low-income community. He was born in East Africa, originally in Ethiopia, at the time his family escaped the problematic country and immigrated to Greece where they lived in a refugee camp for more than four years. Eventually, they got sponsored to the U.S. and moved to the Northwest.

“We are a restaurant that gives back and supports our local community and local food banks,” Wersom said. “I do remember picking up food at local food banks to give back and return the favor to the people who had been supporting my family when I was living in low-income housing.”

Mojito is also part of Black Black Friday, a movement meant to empower Seattle’s Black-owned businesses by bringing the entire community on board.

“As a minority business owner, we are the movers and shakers,”Wersom said.

He started as a dishwasher and worked his way up to own the restaurant, with passion and dedication everything is possible.

Sponsored by BECU.

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