‘We Want Our Brand To Inspire’ | New Partnership Sprouts Growth For Atlanta Black-Owned Breweries

On Friday, Creature Comforts and Our Culture designed a new beer flavor brewed from locally-grown sweet potatoes called “Seeds Take Up The Soil.”

ATHENS, Ga. — A popular Georgia brewing company is partnering with a local Black-owned brewery to assist in their growth and success. 

Our Culture Brewing started with twin brothers Isaac and Isaiah Smith and grew with the addition of their close friend and Isaiah’s wife. Isaiah said the idea of creating a brewery started with a keen sense of taste for beer and a beer-making class. The group then created the brewery with the purpose of bringing more representation to the industry.

“Upon closer reflection, we started to look and we didn’t really see ourselves reflected in this industry, in the product,” said Isaiah.

On Friday, Creature Comforts, an Athens-based company, and Our Culture designed a new beer flavor brewed from locally-grown sweet potatoes called “Seeds Take Up The Soil” through a residency program.

It also uses sorghum — a super grain with roots in West Africa — molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg and Madagascar and Ugandan vanilla bean.

“What makes this beer unique is we use hyper local ingredients with a story that’s connected to our culture to bring it into an interesting recipe for consumers to try,” said Isaiah.

Isaiah believes the partnership “will serve as a playbook for Black-owned breweries to foster development in the future.” He added that partnership has already created success and acceleration for their business.

“This is our first commercial product that’s available for distribution, and so that’s a milestone in and of itself,” said the brewer.

Our Culture is also giving back as they partner with BrewGether to give up to $1,000 to two local Black-owned farms after the beer’s launch.

“Less than 1% of both farmers and craft brewers in America are Black-owned, which guided how we made our inaugural independent beer,” said Isaiah. “We want our brand to inspire the current and next generation of minorities who want to own and work in this space.”

Beer lovers can enjoy the new sweet potato ale at the Creature Comforts patio. Residents can also try their other brews at at Brick Store Pub and Hop City Brewery around the city. 

To learn more about the partnership or the Creature Comforts Brewing Company, click here. 

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