‘We Wanted To Create Something That’s Just For Arkansas’ | Certified Pies

Certified Pies in Little Rock is a Black-owned business with a loyal following known for its delicious homemade pizza and commitment to locally sourced ingredients.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of our world. Here at home, it also changed the lives of three friends whose 2020-era idea has now rapidly blossomed into Central Arkansas’ only Black-owned pizza company.  

At the time, Kreg and Samantha Stewart were operating a meal preparation service. Then their friend Harlem Wilson whipped up a pizza for his two friends to try. 

The moment the mouthwatering pie hit their palette, the Stewarts knew there was something special here and the three went into business together. 

“The goal was to do a meal prep company, but when I tasted this pizza I knew instantly I had to make a change,” said co-owner Kreg.   

And this trio goes together like pizza sauce, dough, and pepperoni! Each co-owner’s vision for high-quality food and customer service complements the other, equating to a top-notch product. Just ask the loyal customers who have continued coming back since their early days of carry-out-only service. 

So what kind of pizza can you get at Certified Pies? Of course, they’ve got all the basic staples, but I recommend venturing out. The Boss Hog is LOADED with meats and the Flyin’ Hawaiian is a unique spin in and of itself.  

Instead of just pineapple (controversial, I know) and Canadian bacon, they added banana peppers and chicken. It pairs perfectly with the mango pineapple lemonade made locally by Johnny Free and Paw Paw!

“You’re going to see stuff from us that you won’t see at normal pizza places,” added Samantha. “We wanted to create something that’s JUST for Arkansas.” 

Using locally sourced products and ingredients is important to these folks, and it really shows. From fried pickles using Sarges Famous Pickles to Little Rock-based Truth Sauce and cake from KB’s Love By The Pound, you’ll find A LOT of support for other locally owned businesses.  

“I like to give people chances because people gave me a chance,” explained Kreg. “Partnering with people who are just as hardworking as we are is very important to us.”  

Certified Pies is located at 9807 West Markham Street in Little Rock. They are open for dine-in and carry out Tuesday through Sunday. Check their Facebook for exact hours and menu offerings.

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