World Kindness Day Is On Monday

World Kindness Day is on Monday

by: Emily Erwin



by: Emily Erwin



Now more than ever we could all use a good dose of kindness. World Kindness Day is this Monday, so we rounded up some fun and kind ways to celebrate the day.

The Gnome In Your Home : Teach them the importance of kindness with The Gnome in Your Home. The Gnome in Your Home is an illustrated, rhyming children’s book about a group of gnomes who, due to their small size and lack of magical skills, question if they can make a difference.Available on Amazon

M&J GamesWhat’s Next? Special Needs Set: Sharing our similarities, while celebrating our differences with What’s Next? Special Needs Set – This brand’s games are unique because they make YOU the game piece with their life-sized board games. The Special Needs Set was specifically developed to provide all-inclusive options for special-needs families, ensure that every player feels completely comfortable with all actions of the game, and enhance player’s social skills, while engaging in physical activity. Each round will feel different based on your opponents, so you’re never playing the same game twice. Want to learn how to play? Click here for more! Also available on Amazon.

UnBEYlievable Greeting Card: Greeting cards will always be a simple yet meaningful way to spread kindness! Especially a spot on one by Black-owned, woman-owned business, Kaleidadope. Originally illustrated and designed for all occasions, it’s the perfect way to bring lightheartedness back into intentional greeting cards. Kaleidadope’s clever cards have even been featured in Buzzfeed, TODAY, Essence, and Billboard. Also available on Etsy.

Axol & Friends – Weighted Axol the Axolotl Plush: “Plushies With A Purpose”– Axol & Friends is not your typical plush toy brand; it’s a sustainable movement with intention. Their socially-conscious plushies, led by the adorable Axol the axolotl, are made from recycled materials and perfect for gifting. Beyond cuddles, they promote awareness of endangered species and plants, and every purchase supports nonprofit partners worldwide, fueling after-school programs that empower the next generation to become impassioned activists and environmentalists. Available on: Amazon, Etsy

Believe a Buddy: The brand’s goal is to empower children to be kind and believe in themselves, fostering resilience and self-confidence.  The ‘Receive a Buddy’ Donation Program, which provides Believe a Buddy Affirmation Teddy Bears to children with medical disabilities and parents facing financial constraints, offering a thoughtful gift that promotes positivity and joy—if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for this holiday season!

Mindful & Co Kids : The brand is helping us raise resilient, kind, and compassionate children. Created by a child psychotherapist, it’s emotional security designed for littles with weighted stuffed animals, yoga cards, games, and more. – Top picks to make everyone happy

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